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GAHH, typos!

Some of our eagle-eyed readers have been emailing regarding a date typo in the current issue. The Budget Friendly Lace Basket is truly budget friendly, I promise. The design is actually free until the end of March 2012, not February 2011, as that was indeed, quite a few months ago.

To get that free design, go to and about halfway down the page on the right hand side is a thumbnail image of the project with a little blurb and the expiration date. Click on the photo and a zipped file with all the file formats will download directly to your computer!

The fish border design from the Alaskan Landscape article will be free on our website until February 29, 2012. After the expiration date, the design will be available at, where you can also purchase the other designs from the article.

We apologize for the error!

Happy Holidays!

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8 Responses to Free Design Downloads

  1. Millicent Filer says:

    I had a hard time connecting to the website. Several times it could not be found; once it did connect, now I get the infamous “Error 404 – File or directory not found” once I click on the icon for the basket. Help!!

  2. Nicki says:

    Hm, once you click the basket icon the zipped folder should download directly to your computer. It shouldn’t take you to a different page. Email and I’ll send you the files directly.

  3. Lynn says:

    Can not connect with the free designs pages. What is wrong with your website?

  4. Sue Masoorli says:

    The free Heart Box Design looks like there is a edge attached to the lid. But I do not have this as part of the designs. I do have 3 .pes files, top bottom and sides. Also the .pdf file does not contain any photos as described in the pdf file.
    Please advise.

  5. I had a hard time downloading the Lace Basket also and there is no pic on my either and on the pes. format there is no trim. Thank you for the great designs and patterns I enjoy your work. Lynnie

  6. Catherine Parker says:

    I am a member and I also received your magazine for several years. What is the problem with your WEB SITE. I can never get into it. I stopped for a while trying to get your free items noted in your magazines because of this. Now, I really want the Great Pumpkin and your WEB SITE won’t even opon. This is quite disterebing. Why do you bother to put these notices in your managzaine if WE CAN’T even enter. PLEASE UPDATE your site to work. You really make it discouraging to see what you have to offer. Cathy GA.

  7. you advertise your free designs in you magazine then you don’t have them

  8. Margaret says:

    I am in this part of your website after trying to go to your free design and from here, where it took me, it seems there is not place to go get the downloads. It would be nice to try some of your freebies but I have not had a lot of luck getting into the site where this is? I know they are free and am wondering if this is just a come on to get us to buy what we want to try.

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