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Hello Readers!

We hope you had a fabulous Halloween. Let us know how you used your embroidery talents to celebrate the holiday by commenting below. One comment will be chosen at random and the winner will receive the Sew, Craft, Quilt and Embroider Confidently with Sulky Stabilizers book, courtesy of Sulky of America.

900B18 FREE book giveaway!

Hurry and post your comment! The winner will be chosen tomorrow, 11/2/11, at 9am MST.

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63 Responses to FREE book giveaway!

  1. Linda Gillespie says:

    I don’t do as much for halloween as I do for fall.I love to make pillows and napkins , pillowcases and things for my grandkids.

  2. Suzanne Ripple says:

    I made Ghost candy holders for my bowling teammates!

  3. Heather Demyen says:

    I am new to machine embroidery and need all the info and ideas I can get.

  4. Angela Cianfaglione says:

    I make personalized pillow for family members, bookmarks, handbags, whatever I could think of.

  5. Charlene Richardson says:

    I am working on Christmas and have since the beginning of the summer. I make dish towels to match my girls’ kitchens, table runners, table cloths, coin purses in the hoop, cosmetic bags in-the-hoop, and purses with their initials. That’s all so far!!

  6. Kellie Conwill says:

    I made my granddaughter a witch ‘s boots tshirt.

  7. Julie says:

    I made a banner for our driveway on pet screen. It turned out fantastic. I also made some fsl skeleton earrings to wear.

  8. Dawna says:

    I embroidered the face on a panda blanket. I’m sure I will be doing more as time goes by for the holidays.

  9. Calla Ferguson says:

    Comment. lol lol lol couldn’t resist….

    I just downloaded the “x-tra” turkey towel instructions…off the embroider!!!

  10. Pat Thomas says:

    Friendship Bracelets with granddaughters

  11. I embroidered my grands Halloween shirts, and I’m not working on Christmas. They love the shirts I do for them, and I love doing them.

    Thanks for a chance to win.

  12. Sondra H says:

    I just love doing machine embroidery and desinging items on things. I am wspeciallly fasinated with FSL. I make all my children and there spouses and grandchildren a FSL ornament every year for Christmas. They like them as much as I love doing them.

  13. Melody Hofmann says:

    I made a “Haunted House” fully embroidered wall hanging. It was on the outside of my front door all day yesterday and every trick or treater really liked it!

  14. Donna Schuttig says:

    This book sounds like it has it all!! I would love to win it and learn all I can:).

  15. Sharon says:

    Now is a great time to make Christmas gifts and that book would come in handy.

  16. I need help with the stabilizers, as there is a lot to learn, and each project is different. This book would be great to reference!

  17. Debora Kerr says:

    I used my embroidery machine to put Halloween designs on square folding pouches that held candy or tea for my friends. Would love to win this book to learn more techniques.

  18. Deb says:

    Just love all the ideas you have. Would love to have the book. Didn’t do any special Halloween ideas this year. Thank you.

  19. Lynne says:

    I made a bunch of in-the-hoop bags with an Owl theme!

  20. Debra J Webb says:

    I would love to win this great prize book for my arts, crafts and sewing studio office I am creating on a shoestring budget in a spare bedroom!
    from Debra

  21. Mary Pat Van Schyndel says:

    I love to create lots of items from quilting, embroidery and crocheting. I am always busy with a new idea. I would love to win this item……….thanks for the opportunity!

  22. Barbara Robinson says:

    I made a felt trick or treat bag for my granddaughter. It is black with an orange panel on the front on which I machine embroidered a smiling pumpkin and the words Happy Halloween.

  23. Karen Zink says:

    Since we live out in the country, we don’t get a single Trick or Treater… so instead, I focused on a church bazaar idea and stitched out a sample. My husband heard the embroidery machine hard at work and checked out my mini-stocking in a hoop I’d created with a cute emboidery design and an elegant lace looking fringe. Now to made more to donate and give our guild proceeds to the less fortunate.
    I’m always looking for new ideas to create gifts to share.

  24. Sher Mattison says:

    I love and use mostly Sulky products and of course I love Joyce!

  25. Debbie Littlejohn says:

    I am currently embroidering quilt blocks for children’s quilts!! Sew much fun!!! Always looking for new ideas and CME helps so much!! Thank you!

  26. Jenny Kucera says:

    I embroidered a small canvas tote for my granddaughter for her trick or treat bag. There wasn’t enough room on the bag for all the designs I have so I had to be pretty picky. It was a fun project.

  27. Diane Mathers says:

    For Halloween I embroidered a glow in the dark mummy falling, with a pumpkin falling out of his hands, with the face on the pumpkin being glow in the dark on the back of a coat. I have gotten alot of comments on it. And embroidering a FSL Advent Calendar. Have got that almost done. Also embroidered a couple pair of jeans for a little neighbor girl. That had a tiger on one leg and the other pair had a fish in a bowl. LOVE TO EMBROIDER AND LEARN NEW THINGS!!

  28. Melanie Wolfe says:

    I’m just learning how to use my embroidery machine so I embroidered my kids names on their trick or treat bags. Help! I need this book!

  29. Pam rohrkemper says:

    I love these books from Sulky and Joyce. I’m always looking for new methods and opportunities to use Machine Embroidery. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book.

  30. Patricia Douglas says:

    I made a lot of in the hoop bookmarks.

  31. kaeleen bortz says:

    Oh I just got my new used machine and learning how to use it. not going well. one step at a time:]

  32. Nancy says:

    I made special fall treats for my friends, especially my car pool sisters!

  33. Carla G says:

    I didn’t do any embroidery, but I did sew my kids new trick-or-treat bags for Halloween this year. Maybe next year I’ll do more…as I ran out of time. :)

  34. Jackie C. says:

    I have been working on Christmas items. Maybe this year will be done on time. LOL.

  35. Linda says:

    I would love to win this book so I can learn more about sewing, quilting, and embroidery.

  36. Cheryl Ruhnke says:

    I like to decorate for Fall Harvest as a theme, in general,since Halloween is just one day,regular pumpkins,and turkeys, stay out til Thanksgiving, I did have plans of fall leaves on a shirt for my Mom

  37. Barb Setterdahl says:

    I don’t do a lot of Halloween decor but do have a ME jack-o-lantern wall hanging that I put up.

  38. diane EK says:

    One Embriodery club we did spiders on felt, and a candy bowl cover they could dangle off.

  39. Judy Fain says:

    It’s so much more fun to be able to make personal gifts for family and friends that it is just to go and buy what ever the mall has. Love Sulky products !

  40. Maria says:

    Halloween was great. I made table runners, mug rugs, and costumes for the youngest grandkids. They loved them.

  41. Vicky Smith says:

    I am also very new to Machine Embroidery and would love to have the opportunity to have this book. I am in the process of working on some Christmas quilts and hopefully some small gifts to give to family members. The time is going by sooooo quickly. The holidays will be here before we know it!!

  42. Mindy W says:

    I use Sulky stabilizers and thread for embroidery projects and hope to work on some of the designs in the current issue of Creative Machine Embroidery. Thanks for the designs.

  43. Gale Rowland says:

    Made a Halloween T-shirt to keep my mind of my cousins illness, love to embroider when I am troubled it sure keeps my mind off what is happening. When I finish I am feeling better and can deal with whatever is going on. Can’t live without my machine!!!

  44. Cathy Inman says:

    I’m caught between generations helping my mother and kids. I didn’t get anything made for Halloween this year but my son wore the complete medieval outfit that I made him last year to the local Renaissance festival a few weeks ago. I’d been running myself so ragged that I had even forgotten that I had made it until someone asked him where he got his outfit. He grinned from ear to ear and told him that his mom made it. I was so proud of him. The correct stabilizer really helped on the outfit because it laid so flat. It made my job look good.

  45. Carla says:

    We made the most adorable trick or treat bags with black pillowcases and adorable embroidery patterns. Next year we plan on adding some glow in the dark thread to make the float by themselves lol.

  46. ISABEL says:

    There’s definitely too many beautiful ideas here for my sewing machine. Will have to work some magic to do as many as I can.

  47. LORA CHANEY says:

    I embroidered a design with a skeleton, a cat and a ghost going trick-or-treating on an orange t-shirt and wore it several times during the month of October.

  48. Janet Yatska says:

    Just a beginner so I’ve only done a few Tshirts so far!!!

  49. Judy Stuart says:

    I’ve been busy embroiderying holiday sayings on aprons for friends and family!

  50. Nancy Kurrasch says:

    I have been very busy making in-the-hoop projects for Christmas presents. Everyone will get about 10 matching things with their initial on them. Now getting ready to make some doll clothes for my Granddaughter.

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