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Congratulations to the readers who sent in tips for the Jan/Feb ’12 issue!

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Betty D. and Linda M. won a Bendable Bright Light for their tips:

If a piece of water-soluble stabilizer is slightly too small to hoop, adhere a small piece of masking tape to the outer edge of the inner hoop. Hoop the stabilizer, and then finger-press the stabilizer edge to the tape. The tape secures the stabilizer, preventing it from slipping out of the hoop during embroidery. -Betty D.

Embroidering ready-made bags is difficult because they’re hard to hoop. To easily embroider a ready-made bag, turn the bag wrong side out.  Hoop the fabric with the embroidery area right side facing up. Hold the remainder of the bag away from the hoop and needle during embroidery. – Linda M.

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*tips may have been edited for style and clarity

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  1. When I’m embroidering a ready-made bag, I try to unpick the lining of the bag, if possible. It help me stabilizing it.


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