Deals & Steals–20% off July/August ’10 Digital Issue

DPCME1007 Deals & Steals  20% off July/August 10 Digital Issue

Get the July/August ’10 digital issue of CME at 20% off the retail price until Sunday, August 14. The digital issue includes easy-to-navigate pages and optimal search capabilities to find the article you’re looking for quickly and easily. Save a tree and purchase the digital issue!

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  1. Peggy Schroeder says:

    I thought you might like these little hints to make embroidering easier: I put the little foam squiggly pencil protectors on the screws of my hoops, and I put them on my little curved squeeze scissors—I open the ends of the scissors, put one on each handle and then hook the handle ends back together. This really helps these old, arthritic hands. Then I had a friend that made me a wood tray, with holes, two lines of ten each. Each hole just fits my spools of thread, and I can line up all the thread I need for a project, and if I need to use the same color over, I just put an old, empty, thread spool in the hole, I used an ice cube tray for a long time, but this tray is so much nicer,
    and it is a wonderful memento that lets me remember my friend every time I use it.

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