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Download a free embroidery thread techniques e-book From CME!

In this free embroidery thread e-book, you’ll learn about different embroidery thread types and receive ideas and tricks for embroidery projects. These four embroidery thread tutorials are included:

  • “Thread Tales: Day & Night” features solar-reactive and glow-in-the-dark embroidery thread and tips for using each type.
  • “Thread Tales: Heavyweight Champions” discusses when and how to use heavyweight embroidery thread to make designs pop.
  • “Thread Tales: Metallic Mania” provides instructions for successfully stitching designs using delicate metallic thread.
  • “Thread Tales: Rayon” discusses rayon thread types and weights and showcases stunning designs stitched using rayon thread.

Download this great embroidery thread e-book today!

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One Response to Download a FREE CME e-book!

  1. Rita DeCook says:

    I’ve read through some of the first part…so far, very interesting information to know…hopefully I can put some of it to use….can’t wait to try out the information provided.

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