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quiltingandembroidery 229x300 TGIF Giveaway!

Quilting & Embroidery, Spring 2011

What new technologies would you like to see in the latest embroidery machines?

FIVE lucky winners will be selected to receive a copy of Quilting & Embroidery!

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49 Responses to TGIF Giveaway!

  1. cynthia hayes says:

    I just bought a new machine and it seems a bit to hard to leard, I would love to see them be just a little more simple. The CD that I bought with the machine should be more simple to run that would make life so much more easy for one using the computer. My second embroidery machine I do love it just needs to be more simple!!

  2. Lynn Lawrence says:

    I would love to see a bigger bobbin, so that you don’t have to refill the bobbin as often. Don’t know if it can be done, but would love to see it.

  3. sonja edgington says:

    more design editing capability, such as density, more enlarge and reduce ability. etc. Large hoops. Make mulithooping easier.

  4. Barbara Green says:

    I saw the new Brother Sashiko machine. I’d rather that beautiful stitch be included in a new machine that does lots of other things, instead of buying an entire machine just for sashiko.

  5. Kim Hanson says:

    I would like to see more information about embroidery digitizing techniques and softwares that are available.

  6. How about built-in digitizing.

  7. I agree with Kim. I would love to see a step by step basic explanation of digitizing and how to create my own designs.

  8. I’d like to see more editing capability in the machine itself.

  9. Alice M says:

    Screens on the emb machines larger. Even bigger emb field and hoops. Being able to put a cd right in the machine, instead of having to put it in the computer and sending it to the machine or usb stick.

  10. Veronica Shortland says:

    I would like to see auto bobbin sensors and auto stop when bobbins are empty. also the idea of being able to use a cone for the bobbin so that they would not empty as fast. Another idea is to have the machine automatically go back a few stitches when there is an auto stop. More controls with the designs in the editing panels of the machines. Auto cutters are always a good idea. Auto centering of the hoop and design would be a great asset. These are some of my suuggestions.

  11. Theresa Linden says:

    Since I have machine that I feel does just about everything I would like it to do my laundry also.

  12. BMoon says:

    I’d love EASY digitizing somehow incorporated in my machine. I’d also like a much larger screen and lots of lighting… The older I get the harder it is to see.

  13. Iolanda says:

    I would like to see a combination of embroidery and applique’ softwares. Also I would like to see more information on embroidery designs for quilting.

  14. Susan Trudo says:

    Larger screens, ability to change colors on the fly, CD/DVD capability, more thread colors available on screen, built-in basting frames, ability to accept various formats without conversion software…

  15. Kathy E says:

    Larger screen, expanded color conversion list by manufacturer

  16. Wren says:

    I would like to see some sort of notice when your needle needs replaced-like they do when the bobbin is running out.

  17. baglady says:

    I would like them eaiser to get from the web to the machine and all the colors be right. I love my 830!!

  18. Penny says:

    Easier ways to digitize

  19. debbie 42025 says:

    would like bigger embroidery field for smaller machineslike 8500

  20. Debbie Smith says:

    Would like to see more machines with the larger embroidery field 6×10. That have a price range that more people can afford. There is a huge price difference between purchasing a machine with a 5×7 emb hoop and one that allows the 6×10.

  21. Theresa L says:

    I would like the colors to be more accurate.

  22. Deb says:

    I would like to have the machine remember how I had it set when it was turned off, so I don’t have to reprogram everytime. I know the Viking Diamond does this, but I don’t have $7K for that machine. Surely, this feature could be added to a lower price machine.
    Another feature that would be nice to have built in is to be able to send a design to your machine wirelessly. I know there are off-brand gadgets that can do this, but I haven’t heard very positive feedback about them.

  23. SalKate says:

    For me, a larger screen to figure out what embroidery designs I have purchased and downloaded on my flash drive. I have to get out the magnifying glass sometimes!

  24. I would like to see more digitizing information and more reasonable prices on the high end machines. not all of us can afford 7 or 8 K for a new machine.

  25. Lou says:

    How to do multiple hoopings.

  26. Nancy says:

    I would like to have the ability to have an external bobbin capability. When I have to replace my bobbin it almost always messes up my designs.

  27. Gauke says:

    I would like to see better lighting and an automatic threader that works all the time, my babylock is great, but not all the time. I would also like to see better instuctions, both with the machine and on the machine web site, we don’t all live close to a dealer for lessons.

  28. Cheri says:

    I love this magazine!

  29. Brenda Green says:

    Downloading designs made easier. I have to drag my machine to my computer. It would be nice to have the capability to download an easier way.

  30. Gina says:

    I would like much better resizing for designs, cd drives in machines, be able to plug in large capacity USB hard drives, wireless networking built in the machine, and bigger field and hoop sizes for less money :) I don’t want much, lol!

  31. Sherry Einfeldt says:

    I would like to see a clock built into the machine. I was thinking a vacume would be good too! To clean threads out with a push of a button or maybe even while you are sewing, as long as it didn’t suck the material down. Those are really old technologies though. I will have to write back after thinking a little more. :o )

  32. Cindy says:

    self-winding bobbins, while in the bobbin case. Bigger bobbins. Self threading bobbins.

  33. Betty Smith says:

    better lighting right above the needle. would it be possible to have an emb. hoop that can change sizes so we don’t have so many diff size hoops? also an automatic baste around design, turn on or off as desired.

  34. I would like to see faster processors on my machine. While my machine does a lot of what has been asked for in previous posts, I find that the processors are slow in comparison to what can be done on today’s computers. I tend to do the combining and other type of work on my computer as a results.

  35. Brigitte Pronovost says:

    I would love an industry standard on file types, Cheaper machines to accommodate larger hoops, or just cheaper machines. As technology improves, computers are less expensive, but this does not seem to be the case with embroidery machines. I was at a Bernina dealer today and one was $12000. And definitely need better screens!!

  36. Marci says:

    I would agree with the previous posts: larger embroidery field & larger hoops, faster processor, easier digitizing

  37. Brenda says:

    I would like the machine to remember my preferences for embroidery (such as hoop size) and the same for sewing. It would be nice to have a default profile for each type of sewing. Wireless transfer of designs would be very nice.

  38. Mary Parker says:

    Getting the design from the computer to the machine is the most difficult, I have a printer that has wireless technology, it would be great for our machines had this! Thanks! Mary

  39. Tammy says:

    I would like to have the machine switch from sewing to embroidery more easily. I would like magnetic hoops for my machine. CV Also I would like a very small hoop for the CV. 120×120 is the smallest it has right now. Wireless transfer and a faster CPU would be nice too.

  40. Lou says:

    I would love to have some of the embroidery software built into the machine.

  41. Linda Raker says:

    Blue tooth technology which would make the machine talk to the computer wirelessly.

  42. Deb says:

    I just need a timer to remind me that I have to quit sewing & go to bed & makes more hours in the day. ggg I feel the machine does quite large fields already & with the Janome clothsetter rehooping isn’t a big problem. I’d like to put some of the technologies from a few machines into 1. But then that is the difference between brands, so that won’t happen unless we have only 1 company, which then takes away competition. It would be nice for technology to slow down a bit till I learn most of what there is to know about my machine & its embroidery software. BUT then again new technology is fun (expensive, but fun!).

  43. Sheryl J says:

    I would like bigger previews of the designs. When I insert my card, the pictures are so small I sometimes can’t tell what they are, especially if a few are similar in style.

  44. Kay Skramstad says:

    I would like to see magnetic hoops for my machine. Also bluetooth technology would be great so wireless transfer could be done. Also I would love to have better lighting around the needle area.

  45. Deb Jones says:

    I would love it if my machine talked with my lap top a little easier…sometimes they fight about whose in control!!!

  46. Jane says:

    I would like to see a larger screen, to see the design itself clearly on the less expensive machines -show the timing of each color. Also, a button on the machine that would add a tie and lock (I think)whenever there was a problem that caused a thread break. A way to wind bobbins while stitching on the lower end machines.

  47. Sandy says:

    How about the ability to upgrade software and harware, and add features such as the capacity to handle larger hoops, upgrade displays, etc., to existing machines, rather than having to purchase a new machine. Even if the cost were fairly substantial, if there were a way to increase the capability of a machine to use a larger hoop, upgrade display resolution/size, etc., if would be well worth the investment not to have to purchase a whole new machine. I would like to see the cost of a basic machine be lower (much lower), with the option of adding additional features and upgrades as time goes on without having to start from scratch, often leaving a perfectly good machine to gather dust because of limitations which can’t be upgraded. This is particularly frustrating, since as one learns and becomes more skilled needs as well as preferences change – leaving one with the unfortunate choice of living with a machine that no longer meets your needs, or purchasing a new machine for a small fortune only to be faced with the same issue a year or two later. Examples of the kinds of upgrades I envision would include the ability to upgrade software and hardware, and to add features such as the capacity to handle larger hoops, upgrade displays, etc., to existing machines, rather than having to purchase a new machine. Even if the cost were fairly subantial, if there were a way to increase the capability of a machine to use a larger hoop, upgrade display size, resolution, etc., if would be well worth it if one could upgrade an existing machine without having to start over, oftentimes not even being able to use basic supplies/equipment such as hoops. Additionally, the ability to accept external hardware such as flash drives, external hard drives/CD/DVD drives would be a real benefit would be a real benefit, as would the ability to save designs created or edited on the machine to a computer or peripheral drive in a usable format which could then be edited with embroidery software such as Embird, Generations, etc.

  48. Janice Murry says:

    I would love to see more editing in the machine itself and a larger ability to store the designs in the machine. I also would like to have a bobbin sensor so I do not run out of bobbin thread. Auto stop that allows you to back up a few stitches and the capability for the machine to retain settings if it is turned off or if power fails. Wireless transfer of designs to the machine would be an added plus in today’s world.

  49. Tess says:

    To make it easier to move designs from computer to machine, the machines should have USB ports so that either they can be hooked directly to the machine or the cards can be inserted via the USB port.

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