Win an embroidery collection!

Win the Tag-A-Long Embroidery Collection from Hope Yoder, Inc. (MSRP: $35.00) The collection has 18 freestanding tags and charms that you can personalize. The tags are perfect for traveling this holiday season or for attaching to gifts!

37186 Win an embroidery collection!

Simply answer the question:

What’s your favorite quick-and-easy embroidery tip? Do you use any household items to  help you get the job done? Any cool/strange tricks? Tell us!

One person will be selected to win the embroidery collection. The winner will be announced Monday.

*And your answers could appear in a future issue of CME!

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32 Responses to Win an embroidery collection!

  1. Patti Walthrop says:

    I use a thread stand for easy tread changes. It goes so much faster than using the spool holder on the machine.

  2. Nancy Peplau says:

    I use a drinking straw on my spool holder so the thread flows upward smoothly. It stops tangles and uneven tension problems while embroidering.

  3. Nancy Peplau says:

    I put thread nets on every one of my spools of embroidery thread, saves time when changing the thread color, you don’t need to change the net also.

  4. Nancy Peplau says:

    I go to my local florist for my thread nets, all of their blossoms come in a “perfect for embroidery spools” net! Very cost efficient! Very handy to have a net on each spool!

  5. Nancy Peplau says:

    I keep all of my embroidery threads sorted according to color family, in plastic storage drawers on wheels. You can roll the cart of drawers right up to your embroidery machine for easy access while you are working on a project.

  6. Nancy Peplau says:

    Stabilizer are kept in hanging shoe organizers. Each pocket is marked so the correct stabilizer is always in it’s proper place. It will be kept dust free in an always dusty sewing room!

  7. Nancy Peplau says:

    With every roll of stabilizer, I keep a list of the successful fabrics and projects for that particular stabilizer that I have used. I also note any disappointments or failures.

  8. Linda Milward says:

    To embroider on a bag, turn it inside out then turn it so the section you want to embroider is on the bottom and then hoop. Hold the top portion of the bag out of the way while the machine is going. I use this trick for bags that have a sturdy structure.

  9. Linda Milward says:

    plus, you need to turn the direction of the design on your machine as the bag slides on sideways.

  10. Susi Ripple says:

    I use a silk organza press cloth. You can see through it far better than the plastic kind.

  11. Shirley Christensen says:

    I am much happier and get lots more done since going hoopless.
    I hoop up GLAD Press’n Seal (they have a new thick freezer wrap)
    sticky side up. I can mark on the back & see through easily.
    This stuff is sticky enough to hold my project securely and less
    sticky than commercial stabilizers. NO sticky needles! and the
    fabric lays naturally. Be sure to secure with perimiter stitch first.
    You will be as happy as I am. Shirl

  12. Judy Stuart says:

    On those times when I need to remove and re-stitch a design, I use an emery board to “file” the bobbin stitches loose.

  13. Judy Vaesa says:

    I take pictures of each project and make of list of what color, thread I used, what tension I used, what length of stitch and a piece of fabric or the sample I did, in a photo album.

  14. channette coetzee says:

    use a disposable ladies razer to unpick my mistakes. it beats pulling one thread at a time and i cut/shave the bobbin thread. then it is easier to unravel.

  15. Grace Miller says:

    when using the larger hoops I use rubberized shelf liner that I cut in strips the length of the hoop…it holds the fabric so it doesn’t slip or move when embroidering. Also I kept all of my stabilzer organized in a wooden wine rack. Most of my stablizer are in containers and I have the tags facing out so at a glance I can see what I’m looking for. The rack fit’s on the self under one of my sewing desks…so it’s out of the way, but easy to reach.

  16. Jan BRYANT says:


  17. Susan Sullivan says:

    I use those big “butterfly” hair clips to hold excess fabric on shirts, etc. rolled up and out of the way when embroidering.

  18. Wanda H Leffingwell says:

    I take a photo of all my projects. I share all sites with my family and friends and tell them they need to check out the designs, they need the Creative Machine Embroidery magazine!

  19. Susi Ripple says:

    I keep a journal of all the embroidery designs I do. In it I write down the design name or number, where I got it from. I include what I embroidered it on and who it was for. Then I write down all the colors I use because I rarely use the given colors, I just match up with embroidery thread colors I have in my stash. This way if I ever want to duplicate the design I can.

  20. Patti says:

    I use the clear plastic bag my newspaper comes in to hold my rolls of stabilizer. Keeps it dust free and you can label it easily. Just the right size!!

  21. Cathy Cattle says:

    I use the over the door closet hangers, the kind for coats with 4 spots to hang stuff. it hangs on my PR metal stand, and my hoops are always right where I need them hanging from this.

  22. Yvonne Estrade says:

    I use Hugo’s Amazing Tape to wrap around my large spools of embroidery thread. This is especially helpful for those spools that do not have a “nitch” in the plastic spool to hold the thread. It is self adhering and works like a charm!

  23. Jeanette Krebs says:

    I use q-tips and Mennan aftershave to clean my machine. It is awesome and picks up the fuzz so easily!

  24. Chris says:

    Well, Nancy, you gave most of the tips I was going to use!! LOL
    I keep an old pill bottle to dispose of needles. I poke a small hole in the top to push the needles through when they are used. Easy to discard in the trash without worries.

  25. Chris says:

    To keep a log of colors I use the “properties” tag on an embroidery file. I make remarks on who I did the design for (so I don’t repeat it!!) and any color changes and other specifics. Since it stays with the file, its handy at a glance.

  26. Chris says:

    When using sticky stabilizer, I just put it on the bottom of the hoop (no hooping) and stitch. If doing multiples of the same design, i just patch up the stabilizer with a scrap of sticky or spray adhere a scrap of tear away over the hole and stitch again.

  27. Clem Estrada says:

    I buy various fabric remnants for “cheap”. It does not matter what color it is, just different types of fabric. Now I have lots of different fabrics to practice an emboirdery design on. I pick out a fabric that is the same as I am going to use on the finished product. Now I can tell if any adjustments need to be made and did not have to spend extra money on extra yardage or shirt or jacket or…. whatever it is. I also keep my sew outs for future reference.

  28. Betty Dickhens says:

    When embroidering lace items on washaway stabilizer and the width just barely fits the hoop making it hard to hoop, I use a small piece of masking tape to tape it to the outside edge of the inside hoop before I place the two hoops together. The stabilizer will stay in place and you won’t have to worry about it slipping out.

  29. Betty Dickhens says:

    Be sure to neatly trim your jump stitches and ends of thread, it can make or break a beautiful design.

  30. June O says:

    I keep track of my many embroidery discs/collections in an spread sheet program on my computer.
    I have them categorized by Brand (Brother, Dakota, Anita Good-design etc.) alphabetically in order in each column.
    It is easy to sort and filter each time I add another title.
    Then I print up a small copy to keep in my wallet when I go shopping. With so many discs, it makes it easy not to duplicate a purchase! I do the same thing with patterns too!

  31. Dianne Davidson says:

    My goodness, such great tips just shows how creative we can be. I have a Brothers 6000Quattro Embroidery Machine and when I need to mask something off I use painters tape, never leaves glue and easier to remove. I found using other tape, if not removed immediately leaves residue. I also purchased a small machine that I can sew on while embroidery or also to travel with me to classes. I found in some classes I was spending as much time getting use to different machines than doing the pojects. Good luck all.

  32. Dee says:

    I use ‘test clip adaptors’ from my local Radio Shack store to remove and replace needles. These adaptors have a clip you push out that holds the needle to make replacement so much easier with the slight arthritis I have. I can hold the needle with one adaptor and use the screwdriver with the other, without worrying about dropping the needle. These adaptors are usually in a package of 2 for under $5. Really great for serger needles!

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