Project Runway

Season 8 of Project Runway kicked off Thursday, July 29th with the first episode titled “And Sew It Begins.” The 17 designers met Tim and Heidi at the Lincoln Center where the contestants were given their first challenge. Each designer had to pull something out of their suitcase to use as the base of their design, and then as a twist, they had to turn the item over to another contestant. The contestants only had five hours to complete their fashions, and this is what they made:

(From left to right: AJ’s design, Andy’s design, Christopher’s design)

AJs Design 150x150 Project Runway Andys Design 150x150 Project Runway Christopers Design 150x150 Project Runway

(From left to right: Ivy’s design, Kristin’s design, McKell’s design)

Ivys Design 150x150 Project Runway Kristins Design 150x150 Project Runway McKells Design 150x150 Project Runway

(From left to right: Michael C.’s design, Mondo’s design, Nicholas’ design)

Michael Cs Design 150x150 Project Runway Mondos Design 150x150 Project Runway Nicolass Design 150x150 Project Runway

(From left to right: Casanova’s design, Peach’s design, Sarah’s design)

Casavonas Design1 150x150 Project Runway Peachs Design 150x150 Project Runway Sarahs Design 150x150 Project Runway

(From left to right: Valerie’s design, April’s design, Gretchen’s design)

Valeries Design 150x150 Project Runway Aprils Design1 150x150 Project Runway Gretchens Design1 150x150 Project Runway

(From left to right: Jason’s design, Michael D.’s design)

Jasons Design1 150x150 Project Runway Michael Ds Design1 150x150 Project Runway

*Photos courtesy of Brother International Corporation.

Ivy, Casanova, Jason, Nicholas, April and McKell had the worst designs according to the judges, with McKell ultimately going home. Gretchen’s dress was deemed the best by the judges.

What do you think? Which designs did you like best? Which ones were less than impressive?

Project Runway airs Thursdays on Lifetime. Check your local listings for showtimes, and visit the CME blog for weekly updates!

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3 Responses to Project Runway

  1. tputsche says:

    it wasn’t casanova who went home it was one of the girls, either Ivy or McKell. I haven’t had a chance to watch all of the show, I tuned in late where they had all the worst left on stage. I think the change up in the show is going to be interesting this season.

  2. Ellen says:

    I thought McKell went home and they kept Casanova.

  3. Colleen says:

    Yes. You both are right. It was McKell not Casanova–typo on my part. I made the change above.

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