Project Runway Episode 5

This week the designers worked in two teams of six to create a six-piece collection that followed the trends of fall 2010. Since Michael C. won the challenge last week, he picked his first teammate: Gretchen (a bit precarious given most of the designers can’t stand her!). Heidi drew April’s name out of a bag, and then she chose her teammate. They went back and forth choosing new teammates until only Peach was left, automatically placing her on April’s teams. Team Luxe, which included Michael C. Gretchen, A.J., Christopher, Andy and Ivy, seemed like the team to beat (and they had no reservations thinking or saying it), while team Military & Lace, which included April, Peach, Casanova, Valerie, Mondo and Michael D., was the clear underdog.

Coming as no surprise, Gretchen took the role as leader of Team Luxe and decided on a tailored menswear theme, while Team Military and Lace obviously went with a military theme embellished with lace. Tim made his usual workroom rounds, and warned team Military & Lace that lace can look old easily. Tim then zones in on Casanova’s garment, saying ” I’m going to be blunt. Casanova, your look is looking like the mother of these women. It needs to be youthened up.” This drives Casanova to have a breakdown and leave the workroom. Tim then visits Team Luxe and Gretchen explains their concept with her I’m-better-than-everyone-else attitude. Tim tells the team that by comparison to the other team, their designs looked “ho-hum.” Take that Team Luxe!

The models arrive for the fitting and Casanova is still missing from the workroom. Casanova’s model finds him and after a little pep talk, he comes back to the workroom ready and determined to make an amazing design. The teams finished their designs, and then the models were off to the runway! The judges loved team Military & Lace and deemed them the winners. Casanova’s sassy and well-tailored outfit won best of the week!

The judges despised the other team’s designs, saying that they’re boring, ill-fitted, had no design, the colors were ghastly and more. Team Luxe decided to ban together and not throw anyone under the bus (gag!). Gretchen starts off by saying that she was really proud of the designs and that there are no weak links–cue Gretchen’s tears. After what seemed only a few seconds of critique, Gretchen starts backpedaling her previous statements, saying that “we very late in the game realized that Grandma had arrived…I also feel like I had to style maybe a crappy collection–I was trying to save it.” Heidi immediately questions Gretchen, stating “What do you mean you’re trying to save it? Before you loved it!” Gretchen freaks out, and then throws Michael C. under the bus, whining that she spent to much time helping him because his skills are under par to where they should be. Since Michael C. won last week, he had immunity and the judges asked the other team memebers who they think deserves to go home except for Michael C. Foolishly no one names anyone except for Michael C., and then the judges deliberate. The judges tell the designers one by one that they’re safe until only A.J. and Gretchen are left. After a few moments of built-up tension, the Heidi announced that Gretchen she was safe and they said goodbye to A.J. Tim, who usually pleasantly says goodbye to the fallen contestant, comes in the back room outraged and said to Team Luxe, “I fundamentally do not understand your behavior and demeanor and affect on the runway…I don’t know why you allow Gretchen to manipulate, control, and bully you.” Tim also said that A.J. took the bullet for Gretchen’s mistake. Cut to Gretchen shocked and dismayed by Tim calling her out! A.J. tearfully packs up and leaves, saying “It’s really hard to know that you’re going home for something that doesn’t have a trace of you in it.” Poor A.J.

Team Military & Lace’s designs

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(Mondo)                                                        (Peach)

40978 489450595759 213184965759 6900174 6902970 n 200x300 Project Runway Episode 5 44761 489450165759 213184965759 6900123 1677468 n 200x300 Project Runway Episode 5

(Valerie)                                                      (April)

44761 489450175759 213184965759 6900125 8291513 n 1 200x300 Project Runway Episode 5 45837 489450345759 213184965759 6900138 7294330 n 200x300 Project Runway Episode 5

(Casanova)                                                (Michael D.)

Team Luxe’s designs

44761 489450145759 213184965759 6900119 1549292 n 200x300 Project Runway Episode 5 44761 489450155759 213184965759 6900121 4694703 n 200x300 Project Runway Episode 5

(A.J.)                                                         (Andy)

45837 489450300759 213184965759 6900129 1599125 n 200x300 Project Runway Episode 5 45837 489450325759 213184965759 6900134 1473230 n 200x300 Project Runway Episode 5

(Christopher)                                                    (Ivy)

45837 489450335759 213184965759 6900136 3772358 n 200x300 Project Runway Episode 5 45837 489450310759 213184965759 6900131 68223 n 200x300 Project Runway Episode 5

(Michael C.)                                              (Gretchen)

*Photos courtesy of Brother International Corporation

Tune in this Thursday for more fashion fun!

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2 Responses to Project Runway Episode 5

  1. I loved this episode. The lecture Tim gave at the end was something!!! Good for Tim. Gretchen can be a bully, but I was shocked when no one stood up to her. April had a good team, Micheal’s move to take her wasn’t smart & now he knows.

  2. My favorite outfit was Peach’s. I was surprised. We are about the same age & I always forget the designs should be for my daughter and her cousins!

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