Quilt for Liam

Shannon Dennis, one of our CME contributors, recently had a little baby boy. I love making baby quilts, so naturally I had to send her one made especially for Liam.

Here are the cut pieces ready for sewing.
100 0798 150x150 Quilt for Liam

After sewing the blocks, I laid them all out to decide how to incorporate a fussy cut fabric piece that says: Blast off!

100 0800 150x150 Quilt for Liam

Here’s the piece: 100 0803 150x150 Quilt for Liam

I added a border using a cloud-print fabric. 100 0802 150x150 Quilt for Liam

Then I had to add some machine embroidery. I layered the quilt top, batting and backing fabric, and then hooped through all layers using the Janome AQ hoop. It has lovely magnetic hoop clips so you don’t have to kill your fingers trying to hoop the bulky layers.

100 0804 150x150 Quilt for Liam

I chose a rocket ship design from Urban Threads.

100 0807 150x150 Quilt for Liam

I stitched about 12 designs along the border fabric and several within some of the plain blocks.

I also embroidered a little quilt label.

100 0810 150x150 Quilt for Liam

Here’s the finished quilt, bound and ready to ship off to Shannon!

100 0814 1024x768 Quilt for Liam

I can’t wait to see a photo of little Liam playing on his quilt! (Shannon: If you’re reading this, I’m waiting. LOL )

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14 Responses to Quilt for Liam

  1. Susan Spiers says:

    WOW! Its so hard to find “boy” stuff that’s cute, you got it girl!

  2. Allison says:

    GREAT QUilt!!! There is so much stimuli in the fabrics and your quilting design, that little guy will find so much to look at and to inspire his little brain to grow! BTW: I love the little rocket quilting design!

  3. Anne Marie Reilly says:

    What a cute idea! I particularly like the border embroideries that echo the rocket ship motif in the fabric.

  4. Joan Bloecher says:

    At last a design for a boy. Cute, cute, cute! Love how you incorporated your embroidery machine. I’m making small quilts for all my grandchildren for their birthdays this year. 12 of them, ranging from 2 weeks to 25 years. Thankfully most are girls! I’m half there and have been looking for boy designs. Just finished one with frogs for 2 week old boy. Now need one for 14 yr old.

  5. Looks just like what a boy would love. He’s lucky to recieve it.

  6. Kay Dennis says:

    That is an adorable quilt for a little baby boy. I love the way you quilted the rockets around the border. Baby quilts are fun to make and so appreciated. Kay Dennis

  7. Gail Beam says:

    Ellen your baby quilt for Liam is just adorable!! Love your embroidered border of the rocket ships to go with the fabric!! I am sure it will be one of his favorite “blankies”.

  8. Kathy Myers says:

    I really like your quilt! It is great to be able to quilt using your embroidery machine!

  9. Cindy says:

    That is so cute. I haven’t figured out-or been brave enough to try anything like you did on the border. I am sticking to lines whether they are straight or curved. One of these days I hope to do more with quilting and embrodiery.

  10. Kay C says:

    Love your quilt. I have three grandsons and its inspired me to work on a larger space type quilt for one of them.

    Thank you

  11. Becky says:

    Ellen, very nice!! I’m sure Liam (and his mom) will love
    it. I can’t tell by the thread if it is a heavier weight or was stitched
    over several times. I like that you can actually see the rocket ships. Again nice job.

  12. Virginia T says:

    How inspired, NASA would be proud. Liam’s dream ship will rocket him off to dreamland for sure.

  13. Amy says:

    This is an adorable quilt! I love the fussy cut block and that it is off center. Makes for great interest! Great job!

  14. mocop2897 says:

    You’re quilt turned out really quite. Thanks for the tuitorial

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