Easy to make Halloween Treat Bags

Stitch Up a Quick (& Cheap) Halloween Treat Bag! We’ve got Jessie G in the haunted house delivering easy, fast Halloween crafts and goodies. This project is great for a Halloween party for making simple crafts with the kids. The below tutorial can easily be adjusted for little hands. So, let’s have Jessie take it away!

Fun tutorial From CME1 Easy to make Halloween Treat Bags


Are you expecting some extra special trick-or-treaters this Halloween? Perhaps you just want to hand out candy to a few favorite co-workers and neighbors. If you have 15 minutes you can stitch up a treat bag to surprise someone extra ghoulish.


  • One 9”x12” rectangle of craft felt
  • One scrap of stiff felt (optional)
  • Coordinating all-purpose thread
  • Pinking Shears (optional)
  • Temporary spray adhesive (optional)


Treat1 Easy to make Halloween Treat Bags

All you need for this project is one rectangle of craft felt!

These cute treat bags are designed to be made using just one rectangle of craft felt. Decorate the exterior with the Treat Bag templates or add a Halloween embroidery design.

Treat2 Easy to make Halloween Treat Bags

The cutting layout

From the rectangle of felt, cut a 6”x12” strip. Save the remaining 3”x12” strip. From the larger strip cut two 2 1/2”x6” rectangles designate as the bag sides. Also from the larger strip cut two 3 1/2”x6” rectangles, designate these as the bag front and back. From the smaller strip cut one 2 1/2”x3 1/2” rectangle, designate as the bag bottom.

If you would like, pink the bag sides, front and back upper edges.


Treat3 e1414766945321 Easy to make Halloween Treat Bags

Cut out the Treat Bag template


If you wish to add a treat bag template as seen in the featured project, click here to download the templates. {Insert link to templates} Print the templates and cut out. Select one template per bag. From the scrap of stiff felt, cut out the desired template.


If you prefer to add an embroidery design, stitch out the design on the bag front, back or sides; sizing the design as necessary. Stitch out a name in the CME Boo Bones Alphabet using glow-in-the-dark thread for a spot of spooky personalization. The ‘B’ and the ‘O’ are free until Oct. 31, so be sure to download them soon!


CMEOWL Easy to make Halloween Treat Bags

Add the CME Forest Friends Owl

For a festive fall look, add an owl from the CME Forest Friends collection available shopsewitall.com.

If you’d prefer a cute look, the CME Pumpkin Bear will look awfully delightful on these treat bags.

CMEPUMBEAR Easy to make Halloween Treat Bags

A cute bear could make someone’s day


Treat4 Easy to make Halloween Treat Bags

Prepare to stitch

Pin one bag side to the bag front. If pinked, align upper edges. The featured project shows off the contrast stitching with seams on the outside, if you embroidered your bag, determine if you want the seams exposed. If  so, place wrong sides together for stitching. If not, place right sides together. Pin the remaining bag side to the bag back. Stitch down the long edges, using 1/4” seam allowances.

Treat5 e1414767398865 Easy to make Halloween Treat Bags

Stitch the remaining long edges together

Pin the remaining bag side to the bag front, aligning upper and lower edges. Pin the alternate bag side to the bag back. Stitch down the long edges.

Treat6 e1414767449772 Easy to make Halloween Treat Bags

Align the bag bottom with the bag’s lower edges

Pin the bag bottom to the bag’s front lower edge.

Treat7 e1414767506293 Easy to make Halloween Treat Bags

Stitch the bottom onto the bag

Stitch along the long edge, keeping the bag body folded and away from the needle. Repeat to attach the remaining long bag bottom side to the bag back. Follow the same instructions to attach the bag sides to the bag bottom’s short edges.

Treat8 e1414767561650 Easy to make Halloween Treat BagsTreat9 e1414767602614 Easy to make Halloween Treat Bags

Seams out or in? You decide!

If you didn’t add embroidery, decide now if you want the seams exposed or not. The featured project has seams out to show off the contrast stitching.

Treat10 e1414767671427 Easy to make Halloween Treat Bags

Add a fun Halloween template to your bag

If you’re adding a Halloween template, determine how you would like the template to sit on the bag front. Cover your work surface with newspaper or paper towels.

Treat11 e1414767722553 Easy to make Halloween Treat Bags

Cover the template portions that hang off the bag with masking tape

The templates are designed to hang off the bag at certain spots for added 3D flair. Cover the overhang areas with masking tape. This will secure the template to the paper towel and ensure that the bag isn’t weirdly sticky when finished.

Treat12 Easy to make Halloween Treat Bags

Spray with temporary spray adhesive

Following the manufacturer’s guidelines, spray the template wrong side with temporary spray adhesive then remove the masking tape. Firmly press the template to the bag front.

Treat13 Easy to make Halloween Treat Bags

Stitch the template to the bag

Stitch the template to the bag using medium sized basting stitches. If you’re in a big hurry, use either permanent spray adhesive or fabric glue to adhere the template to the bag. Now fill the bag up with treats and prepare to hand them out to thankful ghosts and goblins.

Treat14 Easy to make Halloween Treat Bags

Alternative use is a flameless luminary

Make the bag out of burlap and place a flameless candle inside to create luminaries for classy Halloween decor.

Pro tip: If you use the ghost template, cut out the eyes and mouth from black felt and stitch or glue to the ghost body before adhering the ghost template to your bag.

Now hand out these bags to the special spooks on your Halloween list. They’re sure to enjoy any treats you provide! Share your completed bags with us at the CME Flickr group, we love see what you stitch up!

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Mark Lipinski shows how to spice up holiday themed quilts

Learn creative seasonal ideas with Mark Lipinski in Holiday Borders Using Strips Pt. 1. Mark Lipinski shows you how to make and assemble borders for two holiday quilts. He demonstrates how to create holiday borders for Halloween and Thanksgiving quilts. This is a video class that runs a little over an hour and is perfect for those who love making holiday themed quilts. Click on any image to watch a preview .

Screen Shot 2014 10 27 at 2.20.30 PM Mark Lipinski shows how to spice up holiday themed quiltsHere is just a bit of what you’ll learn by watching Mark Lipinski

  • Strip cut pieces and sew them together for a Halloween quilt
  • Use a candy corn template on pieced fabric
  • Use various templates to create a  block for a fun border on a holiday themed quilt
  • Create a 4 patch corner block for a Halloween-themed border
  • Embellish your quilts if desired
  • Strip piece a leaf border for a Thanksgiving-themed quilt
  • Assemble 9 patch leaf blocks for a border on a Thanksgiving quilt

Screen Shot 2014 10 27 at 2.21.03 PM Mark Lipinski shows how to spice up holiday themed quiltsIf you would like to see more of Mark and his very fun take on all things quilting, check out the Quilt Out Loud series form QNNtv.com. This episode  Mark visits Carol Doak and shows us her inspiring way to paper-piece.

Screen Shot 2014 10 27 at 2.51.20 PM Mark Lipinski shows how to spice up holiday themed quiltsAbout the Expert:

As a designer, Mark’s work has been seen in McCall’s Quilts, Fons and Porter’s Love of Quilting, McCall’s Quick Quilts, Quiltmaker, American Patchwork and Quilting, Quilts and More, The Quilter, Irish Quilting, and Fabric Trends magazines and has been a guest on HGTV’s Simply Quilts.

He has also launched a line of his own quilting patterns called The Quilts of Pickle Road. Mark has been commissioned to design products and workshops for several companies and has designed premier fabric collections, including a collection for Northcott.

Mark is a past Vice President of the State Quilt Guild of New Jersey, the past Vice President for The Common Threads Quilters, and member of The Nubian Heritage Quilters, The Garden State Quilters and The Brownstone Quilters. Nationally you might recognize Mark has a member of the Quilt Professionals Network, Studio Quilt Art Associates, and the American Quilter’s Society.

Check out more of what Mark has to offer in ways of holiday quilts and quilting!

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Autumnal Decor Tutorials + Free Embroidery Designs!

Fall for Fall! Create autumnal decor accents to delight guests and ghosts alike.

Fall in love with fall and invite the changing leaves inside to spruce up your nest. Whether you’re hosting a Halloween feast or getting an early start on Thanksgiving, these foliage themed projects are perfect for the season. The best part: the following embroidery designs are free!

An Autumn wreath will class up a front door or a dining room wall.

stock photo autumn halloween wreath with welcome sign on the door 166654811 Autumnal Decor Tutorials + Free Embroidery Designs!

Image from Shutterstock

Purchase a wicker wreath base from a craft store and collect pine cones, acorns and other tree leavings while out for a walk.

Use the free appliqué leaf  embroidery designs from CME Sept/Oct ’14 to create a plethora of embroidered leaves.

placemat 200w Autumnal Decor Tutorials + Free Embroidery Designs!

leaf coaster 200w Autumnal Decor Tutorials + Free Embroidery Designs!These leaf designs are free through Oct. 31, 2014, be sure to download them soon!

Get the appliqué leaf designs now.

Attach the leaves, pine cones and other decor to the wreath using invisible thread or hot glue. Affix the wreath to a door or wall using a removable hook.

Set the table with the “Autumn Accents” place mats from Sew News Oct/Nov ’12 and have a beautiful fall table.

Leaf3 Autumnal Decor Tutorials + Free Embroidery Designs!

The patterns for these place mats are free.

These delightful leaf and pumpkin place mats are sure to spruce up the table.

To add a touch of Halloween fun, purchase the CME Boo Bones alphabet and stitch out “Happy Haunting” on the place mats to encourage little ghouls and ghosts at your table.

boo orange 200w Autumnal Decor Tutorials + Free Embroidery Designs!

Free BOO Font

Embroidering just the word BOO is free until Oct. 31, download the “B” and “O” embroidery designs now to get started. Whichever message you choose, these place mats are sure to add a touch of spooktacular fun to your table.

Leaf4 Autumnal Decor Tutorials + Free Embroidery Designs!

Pretty leaf candle

Add a touch of class with a leaf-be-decked candle wrap. The full details for this project can be found in the free ebook 3 Innovative Appliqué Designs, available for download today.

Just sign into the CME website to access the free ebook and get to stitching! Choose an appliqué design you enjoy to add to the candle wrap.

skeleton maple leaf 200w Autumnal Decor Tutorials + Free Embroidery Designs!

Either the free appliqué leaf design or the “Skeleton Leaf” design, both from CME Sept/Oct ’14, would look lovely.



Lastly, create a hanging leaf mobile to complete the Autumnal decorations.

Leaf5 Autumnal Decor Tutorials + Free Embroidery Designs!

Photo Credit: Mia C. Goloy of bellaonline.com

This leaf mobile is made of paper, but using embroidered leaves to create a similar look is sure to please.

To get started download the “Skeleton Leaf” design.  This design is free until Oct. 31, 2014, grab it soon!

A hanging leaf mobile can be as elaborate or simple as you like. To achieve a similar look to the photo at left, stitch 60 leaves. The free-standing lace design will allow the light to flicker through the mobile playfully. Measure how long the mobile’s leaf strands should hang over the table, to do so, measure from the ceiling to the lowest point the mobile should reach.

The mobile will need 6” above the leaf strands to hang properly. Subtract 6” from the measurement, record as the strand length. Cut 10 lengths of invisible thread to the strand length plus 2”. Tie six leaves to each thread at regular intervals, leaving a 2” length at the upper thread end.

If you have especially high ceilings or if you want a very large mobile, you may need to embroider additional leaves to fill in any gaps.

Open a 6” embroidery hoop, tie the strands of leaves to the inner embroidery hoop ring at regular intervals. Reassemble the hoop. Cut 4 lengths of twine to 8”. Tie the twine lengths to the hoop evenly spaced.

Tie the four lengths together in a knot at the top. If you prefer, tie the twine lengths to a hoop for ease of hanging.

To complete the mobile, wrap the embroidery hoop in twine. Either tie off the end or hot glue it to the inside hoop to complete the look.

Hang the mobile over the table to show off your delightful creation.

Use this Autumn inspiration and get to stitching! Be sure to share your creations with the CME Flickr group, your projects always delight the editors.

Don’t miss out on free embroidery designs, great projects and top contributors, subscribe today!





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The November/December issue of CME is here!

The November/December ’14 issue of Creative Machine Embroidery is on newsstands now! Pick up your copy and stitch the adorable holiday apron on the cover, plus get the cupcake design FREE until December 31st.

CME1412 780x1024 The November/December issue of CME is here!

Check out all the other freebies from the issue at cmemag.com/freebies. 

Get the stocking pattern to create this sassy double-sided stocking:

NAUGHTY The November/December issue of CME is here! NICE The November/December issue of CME is here!

Download the fun FREE Santa in a hot air balloon design to decorate the tree, use as a small gift holder, or give in a Christmas card.

Santa 682x1024 The November/December issue of CME is here!

Decorate your holiday table with three free ITH table-top designs!

Tabletoppers 747x1024 The November/December issue of CME is here!

Plus, get the Snowy Scenes designs and embroider a cool layered wall hanging using screen material!

snowyscenes 682x1024 The November/December issue of CME is here! With all the fun freebies in this issue, you’ll be stitching all winter long!


Don’t miss out on great projects subscribe today!

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Visit Craft Daily for Risk-free Access to 500 Videos!

IW CraftDailyFreeTrial 4031 Visit Craft Daily for Risk free Access to 500 Videos!Visit CraftDaily.com where you can have risk-free access to 500 videos on all kinds of embroidery, sewing, quilting, mixed-media, and crafting techniques, now through October 13, 2014.

Just enter the code CDFT500 after selecting the risk-free trial for your cart at checkout.

Note: This is a Risk Free Trial.  Sign up now, then immediately log in and uncheck the ‘auto-bill option.’ You won’t be charged for anything and you’ll enjoy your full period of free access.

And, what perfect timing – the weekend is just around the corner! Please let me know in the comments section below what you thought of the videos, what was your favorite and what you’d like to see more of.

At Craftdaily.com you’ll find all your favorite crafting hobbies with expert videos to show you new techniques, fun projects and top contributors.

Have fun!


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Attend The Sewing Party online classes Live + get 30 bonus classes!

The Sewing Party 1024x592 Attend The Sewing Party online classes Live + get 30 bonus classes!

I’m super excited to attend The Sewing Party on November 8, the first ever online-all-day sewing and crafting event in the U.S.! The Sewing Party offers a fun-filled day of sewing immersion in more than 30 interactive, fun and innovative classes taught online by leading bloggers, designers and educational experts.

When they’re on live, I’ll be attending “Becoming an Etsy Entrepreneur”, “Making of a Perfect Cosplay Costume” and “Knits 101: Sew a Slouchy Tee (Without a Serger!)”. I’m so excited to expand my sewing horizons! Scope out all the classes here.

After the event, you can bet I’ll be watching as many of the 31 classes as I can get in front of my face in the following 90 days. Classes feature topics for every creative passion, such as home décor, fashion sewing, quilting, upcycling, costume design and more!

Create “Throw Pillows with Pizzazz,” refresh your skills with “Sewing Machine Basics,”make a “Hand-Dyed Baby Rattle,” craft the perfect “Strips and Bricks Quilt,” learn “Bra Making with Madalynne,” or take any of the other fun, informative classes!

In addition to attending classes, you get to chat with participants from across the country, interact with top bloggers and educational experts who are teaching, and explore the latest crafting and sewing tips, techniques and products in the virtual marketplace.

Space is limited; sign up for $40. To see a full schedule of classes, read teacher biographies and register, visit www.thesewingparty.com.

Hope to see you there!

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FREE Aster design and 5 tips for embroidering on terry cloth

In this month’s issue Creative Machine Embroidery we have great festive fall freebies like the September flower of the month the Aster.

Download the design and use it to dress up guest towels. Find all the how-tos in the current issue. Plus, below are some bonus tips for working with terry cloth.

towels 500w FREE Aster design and 5 tips for embroidering on terry cloth1) Always use a topper.  Due to the high loft of terrycloth, a piece of stabilizer on top is very important. It’s best to use water-soluble stabilizer for ease of removal after stitching.

2) Cut-away stabilizer on the back of the towel will keep your design beautiful for years to come.

3) Match backing stabilizer to the density of the terrycloth. Not all terrycloth is heavy and dense, when choosing a backing stabilizer take into consideration the density of the material and use a matching stabilizer.

4) Hoop carefully, preferably on a non-skid surface such as a rug liner. All the time spent prepping for the stitching will pay off in the end, so make sure your stabilizer, terrycloth and floater are hooped securely together.

5) Tear away the excess topper carefully, then toss it in the wash to remove the remainder. If you prefer to not wash the towel right away, just rub away remaining stabilizer with wet fingertips.

Apply these tips to achieve a great look when making any of these fantastic projects:

Swim skirts

Kitchen Towels

Be sure to check us out on all the web hot spots!

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Free Table Runner Project!

Remember the table runner on the cover of CME March/April issue? We now carry it as a kit in shopsewitall.com AND it’s now 50% off! Plus, you can get the entire written project instructions FREE from CME.

CMECover 1404 500px Free Table Runner Project!Kit includes fabric from Free Spirit and Riley Blake for the quilt top, binding and backing. Crochet flower and buttons are included.
Project by Kim Hanson
Table Runner size: 28″ x 75 1/2″

Have a wonderful  day!


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Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways Day 12: Win an A&E Thread Pack!

Happy Friday! Kick off the long weekend right–by entering to win another prize!

But first–yesterday’s winner of the beautiful Pendleton wool is Faith K.! Congratulations Faith, check your email for instructions on how to receive your prize!

On season 8 of Sew it All TV, we bring you great guests, including Ashley Briggs, former Sew News, Sew it All and CME editor! Ashley demonstrates how to make a big duffle bag for all your overnight needs. She teaches you how to add 3 different zipper types, including a separating zipper and pockets, to keep your mentionables and unmentionables secured. Plus, use fun decorative thread to add pizzazz.

DSC 01761 Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways Day 12: Win an A&E Thread Pack!

As you may know, you get an exclusive sneak preview into Sew it All TV season 8 on sewitalltv.com beginning this Monday, September 1. Check out the full instructions and download the free patterns for Ashley’s project and more, so you’ll be ready when the shows starts airing on PBS at the end of September!

Don’t forget to check out all the other cool freebies we have on sewitalltv.com. You get full instructions and free patterns for ALL past 7 seasons. That’s 84 episodes to inspire your creativity! Such as this episode from Kay Whitt, where you learn how to sew with sheer fabrics and lace, and make this stunning sparkly dress!

KayWhitt Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways Day 12: Win an A&E Thread Pack!Today’s prize is an Intressa thread pack from American & Efird! Intressa thread is a premium 40-wt. sewing thread. Soft, strong, UV resistant and colorfast, it’s used for fashion sewing, home-dec, serging, quilting and crafting. You can also use it on canvas, denim, vinyl, upholstery as well as quilting fabrics.

Who doesn’t need more thread, right? It’s almost as addicting to collect as fabric! Especially when it’s high-quality and beautiful!

anecot organic Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways Day 12: Win an A&E Thread Pack!

To enter to win this great prize, answer the following question in the comments section below: How much thread have you collected in your stash?

High-quality thread is not only imperative to sewing, but it’s a fun way to embellish projects as well. A line of decorative topstitching perfectly placed can be just the finishing touch you were looking for. Even all-purpose thread makes a great embellishment when topstitched using one of those fun built-in stitches.

Head over to the Sew News blog on Monday to hear the winner of today’s prize, plus enter to win the last prize of the giveaway! Remember–every day you enter, you’re also entered to win the Grand Prize, Sew it All season 7 on DVD!

Have a great weekend! Good luck and happy sewing!

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Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways Day 10: Win a Subscription to Sew.tv!

It’s Day 10 of our Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways, and we’ve got more prizes coming your way!  Plus, we’re previewing another episode from the upcoming season, featuring none other than Project Runway season 11 winner Michelle Lesniak!

But first- yesterday’s winner is Lynn G.! Lynn, your prize awaits! Check your inbox for more details.

Michelle stopped by the Sew it All studio to show us how to make this super cute and stylish swimsuit.

Michelle L 300x200 Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways Day 10: Win a Subscription to Sew.tv!

Watch the episode to learn how to make a swimsuit that suits your style, plus learn tips for working with swimwear fabrics.  Sew it All season 8 begins airing on PBS in September, so the wait is almost over!

And starting Monday, get full instructions and patterns for this and every episode at sewitalltv.com.  Get your gear ready and sew along with Ellen and this season’s awesome guests!

Speaking of things that are awesome, today’s prize is a subscription to sew.tv!  In fact, we’re giving away three subscriptions, so that means more chances to win!  Catch up on all your favorite episodes of Sew it All, like this one from season 2 featuring another Project Runway alum, Peach Carr.

Peach 300x218 Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways Day 10: Win a Subscription to Sew.tv!

Peach taught us how to make a girl’s A-line spandex skirt and pattern using a serger.  Want to catch the full episode?  Head on over to sew.tv.

sew.tv logo 300x159 Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways Day 10: Win a Subscription to Sew.tv!

Plus, every day you enter, you’re entered to win the grand prize, a Sew it All Season 7 DVD pack!

To enter today’s contest, answer below in the comments section.  Have you ever made your own swimsuit? Why or why not? Tell us about your adventures in creating swimwear and enter to win!

And don’t forget to watch Sew it All TV season 8 in September on PBS.  Check pbs.org for your local schedule, or contact your station to request it!

Good luck to all and happy sewing!

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