Treat Me Right

Annette Bailey
Treat Me Right

Add extra sparkle to buttons by brushing a light coat of clear-drying glue over them and sprinkling with art glitter.

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  • Heavy art paper or cotton fabric
  • Cut-away stabilizer
  • Embroidery, bobbin and monofilament thread 
  • Temporary spray adhesive 
  • Size 65/9 needle 
  • Variety of scrapbook papers and card stock 
  • Variety of ribbons up to 5⁄8"-wide
  • Eyelets and appropriate setting tool 
  • Glue and foam dots 
  • 11 flower-shaped sew-through buttons 
  • 11 sead beads 
  • Hand sewing needle 
  • Glass jar with lid (our sample is 23" diameter x 8" tall) 
  • Art glitter 
  • Embroidery designs no larger than 21⁄2" diameter and alphabet or lettering software of your choice 
  • Optional: Personal paper trimmer, clear-drying glue, paint brush


  • Hoop cut-away stabilizer, spray with temporary adhesive and adhere a 4" square of art paper or fabric.
  • Embroider a design. Un-hoop and cut away the stabilizer close to the design on the paper wrong side. Set aside. t    Repeat to embroider four more designs. 
  • Using small, sharp scissors carefully cut around the designs leaving a small border of paper or fabric in place. 
  • Use the alphabet or lettering software of your choice to spell out “bunny treats.” (Our sample letters are approximately 3⁄4" tall.) Hoop cut-away stabilizer spray with temporary adhesive and adhere a piece of art paper or fabric the size of the inside hoop perimeter. Embroider the lettering. Un-hoop and cut away the stabilizer. 
  • Trim the paper or fabric down to the size desired. (Our sample is 13⁄4" x 31⁄4".)


  • Use the paper trimmer to cut 3" and 3 1⁄4" square pieces of coordinating paper and a 31⁄2" square of card stock. Cut a set for each design. 
  • Layer three squares; adhere with glue dots. Adhere a design on top, using dimensional foam dots if desired (this will leave a slightly raised effect). 
  • Apply eyelets to each side, centered and 1⁄4" in from the edge, using the appropriate tools.
  • Center a square on the jar front and adhere with glue dots. Repeat to adhere four more squares centered and evenly spaced around the jar. 
  • Thread ribbon through the eyelets and tie into a bow to join the squares. 
  • Sew a bead to each flower button center. 
  • Use glue dots to adhere the buttons at the upper corner of each square. 
  • Round the corners of the “bunny treats” tag and back with a rectangle of coordinating card stock cut slightly larger; adhere with glue dots. Round the corners on the card stock. 
  • Apply a grommet and flower button. Cut leaves freehand from card stock, if desired, for the flower. 
  • Rub the lettering rectangle with art glitter. Note: The texture of the art paper will allow the glitter to stick without glue. 
  • Tie coordinating ribbons around the jar lid. Thread a piece of ribbon through the tag grommet and tie to the lid. 
  • Fill with candy.

Annette Bailey is the editor of Creative Machine Embroidery magazine.

All designs: Embroidables, Easter Designs Collection Lettering: Husqvarna Viking, font Chance


Card stock from Michael Miller Memories.

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