Keepsake Table Topper Embroidery Project

Pamela Cox
Keepsake Table Topper Embroidery Project


Combine delicate designs with heirloom sewing techniques to make a beautiful table topper. 

Go to  to download the design files and save them to your computer. Transfer the correct design file extensions (designated by your machine brand) to your embroidery machine using a usb drive or the cord that was provided with your embroidery machine.

Click here for the designs.

These designs are now available for purchase at

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Teatime Tablescape Design
Thank you very much for ignoring our pleas for help in making sure we had your help in solving this issue of only one design instead of the collection as mentioned in the May/June 2013 issue. I will be sure to recommend to all my colleagues to NOT SUBSCRIBE to your magazine since helping is not a priority. Again, NO THANK YOU for this magazine. Am very frustrated with this ordeal.
Teatime Tablescape Design
I only can find one design where is the scallop design
Teatime Tablescape Design
Still a problem. Only one design. Something about opening w/o encription. Deleted extensions I didn't need and converted to my machine. Seems to work. Have 5D Embroidery Suite and Opened in Organizer and worked.
Teatime tablescape design
Why is this taking so long? Was wondering why I should subscribe to a magazine that takes this long to fix problem. Please help us with this!
missing designs
So many of us seem to be having a problem getting the necessary designs for this beautiful project. Hope this can be fixed soon. Waiting impatiently for missing designs.
teatime tablescape design
I tried to download this design and am unable to open it.. is there other software that goes with this? I have an older Viking 1+ machine. and would like to get this pattern on my pc
teatime tablescape designs
I just tried to download the Free Graced in Petals design collection as described in the magazine and I only get the center button hole design. The outer scallop design is not there.
Teatime tablescapes
are you going to be able to fix this problem by the end of June?
teatime tablescape
still can only get 1 design. Where is the rest? Really want to make this project
Teatime tablescape
The only difference I see in the designs is one has a box around it. The scallop with the flowers is missing. I would really like to do this project.
Teatime Tablescape
It is still just the two designs that are the same. What about the rest, the issue states collection. What am I doing wrong?
Download Fixed
Hello everyone, Thank you for your patience. Please try the link now for the designs. If you have issues please let us know. Thank you!
Teatime Tablescape
Any news on the lack of designs for the Teatime Tablescape? Looks like issue has been ongoing for quite awhile. Am waiting anxiously to make this project
lack of full designs
I have downloaded these designs and only have the inner scallop, where is the rest?
Teatime Tablescape
can not find the download for the scallop design nor the color chart or templates Thanks
Teatime Tablescape
We are looking into the problem. Please check back, we'll make an announcement when the problem has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Tablescape collection
In the magazine it says "find the FREE Graced in Petals design COLLECTION..." There are only two. Where are the rest of them to complete the Table-scape? I use VP3
missing design
I too, am missing the file for stitching the outer design. Is there a way I can get this? I need pes
Teatime Tablescape
The design is beautiful, and thought that I would make this as a Mother's Day gift. However, when I downloaded the design, the file for stitching the outer circle was not included with the other download files. If possible, would you please send me the pes file for the outer circle? Thank you.
Downloading designs is harder than any other location. Can't get pes designs correctly.
Teatime Tablescape
Beautiful designs, but when I download them, the PES format that I need is not PES. Can you issue a correction for this?


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