Make a cute counting book for children

Make a cute counting book for children

Make a fun summer-themed counting book for a little one in your life.

The free design offer expired on June 30th for these desings.  To contact the designer or for more information on these designs please go to their Facebook Page.

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summer book
I had downloaded the book & instructions with embroidery back when I got my magazine. My computer was stolen before I got them printed out. Would it be possible to download them again without paying?
Your magizine
I am not purchasing your magazine anymore, I have spent hours trying to download designs that coordinate with the features in it and have had to luck. Why buy the publication if I can not make the items in it.
Counting Book Download
I was unable to download this project, I also tried to download the Puppy Love and could not very frustrating & I wasted a lot of time. Need to make your website user friendly. Thank you
Counting Book download
Unable to dlownload this..
Counting Book download
I have been trying for a while to download the counting book. Is there still a problem?
Counting Book download
I have been trying for a while to download the counting book. Is there still a problem?
summer countdown designs
I just made a post but I need to make an apology. I just figured out how to get the designs downloaded. Read what it says very closely. You must download the book first and the designs are within. I guess I will keep my sub. Duh on me!
22 summer countdown designs
I was reading some of the posts & no wander you can't download them because they are no there to download. It stinks! This is my first time to read or post & it seems that this happens every month. Why do they do this if this don't want us to downioad them---I wonbder? I will just stop buying the mag & stop my subscription. Why complain to them they don't seem to change things. There are other freebies out there.
Unable to downloan
This is the 3rd design from the May/June maggazine that I've tried to download & NONE of them have worked. I was planning on subscribing to the magazine but I'm not sure it's worth the cost if you can't get the downloads. Also couldn't get the disk that came with the magazine to even open. Is this always a problem?
Colours changed
I started to sew the #1 page and the colour of the satin stitches became white. Nowhere on the picture is there white. Are there colour pages anywhere that I can print to decide on my colours? I went over the satin stitches twice in hot pink but I can still see white. It's not pretty.
Summer Countdown
Own Bernina DesignerPlus Software. Had no problem with the download. There is no ART Format but the software will open PES, HUS, EXP, or DST. Unzip files first. When opening, change "files of type" to one that matches one of the formats. PES worked best for me. Hope this is helpful to someone.
Counting Book
I would like to do this in SEW format... would that be possible?Please.
counting book
Hey guys what gives, I received my magazine the end of April, you posted May 2nd you were working on the problem to get directions in ART form or now I see no instructions. Help I wanted to get this to my grand daughter by her birthday in Aug. think you can do that is next few months. this is May 22.
Summer Countdown
There are no pictures in the Counting Book Design Instructions. Will this be fixed?? I'm looking forward to making this for my grandchildren.
Summer Countdown designs
I have checked back 3 times and still no ART for Bernina files. This is very cute, and would love to download these files in my format. Hope to find them next time I check back. Thanks
Countdown Book
We are working on the issue and Summer Countdown files will be up and fixed soon! I'll post here when we get the issue resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Nothing opens for Christmas Countdown
When I click on Christmas Countdown nothing is there for download, message says Oops, unable to find...
Summer Countdown
Glad to see not the only one having problems with Summer Countdown. Haven't tried to download before.
download of ART summer countdown
HOw frustrating not to be able to download this specific pattern, summer etc. I truly do not understand, all the other free patterns in the mag are available and I was successful in downloading them, so why is there a problem with Summer Countdown?? Please help....
I love the magazine but after about a year I have finally learned to wait about 3 weeks from the time I receive the magazine to try any downloads, such as SummerCountdown (which I really, really want!) because there is usually a problem of some sort with the download. This time I can't Extract the file in PES, so I can't see the pictures in my embroidery software program. I certainly hope it gets fixed because I agree--awesome. Question for magazine also: Why can't I rename my patterns to add From CMEMag on the title of my patterns? Could this be a Q&A for magazine? Thanks!
Change format
I noticed all the requests for format changes. My software lets me download the design and then I can change the format in my embroidery software. Can anyone else do this.
Summer Countdown
PES designs are not in PES format. Hope you can issue a correction, because these are awesome designs.
The Summercountdown pattern
I need it in pes form
summer countdown
Awesome pattern, but I need it in the ART format.
How do I get this pattern to download in JEF format?
Summer Countdown
There is no .ART for the Bernina softward so I will not be able to use the embroidery. why is this?
summer countdown
I can not get the download, their are no art form for the embrooidery pattern


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