Snow Day

Kate Bashynski
  • White linen or linen/cotton blend fabric (Amount depends on curtain dimensions; 11⁄4 yard was used for the featured curtain.)
  • 1⁄4 yard each of three coordinating blue organza fabrics
  • Snowflake embroidery designs (See “Sources.”)
  • Wash-away and lightweight tear-away stabilizer
  • Rayon embroidery, white sewing and white cotton machine embroidery thread
  • Prewound bobbins to match embroidery thread
  • Spray starch
  • Permanent seam sealant
  • Embroidery editing software (optional)


Curtain Construction

  • Measure the window or door between the frame to determine the desired finished size and estimate fabric yardage. The window opening for the featured curtain measures 30" x 59 1⁄2". The featured café curtain measures 30" square.
  • Add 1" to each side for hem allowances. Add 2" to the upper and lower edges for the casing and hem allowances.
  • Purchase sufficient fabric, allowing for laundering and multiple curtain panels. Prewash all fabrics.
  • Cut the curtain panel including all hem allowances. (The featured curtain was cut 32" x 34".) Starch the curtain panel. Starch or sizing helps stabilize the fabric, making it easier to press, stitch hems and apply appliqués.
  • Double-fold the fabric 1⁄2" toward the wrong side along the side edges; press. Stitch close to the fold.
  • Fold the fabric upper and lower edges 1⁄2" toward the wrong side; press. Fold the upper and lower edges another 1 1⁄2" toward the wrong side to create a casing at each end. Stitch close to fold.



  • Hoop the organza fabric over wash-away stabilizer. Embroider several snowflake designs on each piece of organza. Allow a minimum of 1" between designs. After the embroidery is complete, cut out each circular medallion containing one snowflake. Don't remove the stabilizer.

Imagae 1





Instead of cutting out circle appliqués, cut square and rectangle shapes. Rectangles can contain one to three snowflake designs.














Use built-in decorative stitches on your sewing machine to add interest to the stitched frames that secure
the appliqués.








Create additional sparkle by adding beads, sequins or fusible crystals to the curtain.






Image6Perfect Circles

For perfect circle “patterns,” merge the featured Place & Stitch circle outlines with the snowflake designs. Stitch the circle outline and design on the hooped fabric/stabilizer sandwich. Skip or edit out the stitches of the circle's center cross mark before stitching the circle outline on the hooped fabric. The stitched outline bastes the hooped layers together for embroidery. Follow along the outside of the stitched circle when cutting.




Tip: To prevent raveling, seal any noticeable thread tails within the embroidery using a permanent seam sealant.

  • Arrange the medallions as desired on the curtain panel right side. Create a light flurry with just a few medallions or a dramatic blizzard with more appliqués. Pin the medallions to the curtain (A).



A Pin medallions to curtain.






  • Straight stitch approximately 1⁄8" from the cut edges, securing the medallions to the curtain. Or if you embroidered circles around the designs, straight stitch just inside the stitched outline (B).

B Straight stitch inside medalion outline.

  • Set the sewing machine for a narrow zigzag (approximately 1.0 length and 2.5 width). Zigzag around the medallion with the “zig” falling inside the medallion and the "zag falling just at the cut edge of medallion fabric (C). Bury the thread tails.

C Zigzag around medallion.
  • Trim away the curtain fabric close to the stitching on each medallion wrong side, exposing the wash-away stabilizer (D).

D Trim fabric to expose stabilizer.
  • Flip the curtain panel right side up. Thread the machine with cotton embroidery thread. Set the satin stitch length at .6 to .8 and the width at 3.5 to 4.0. Stitch around each medallion (E). Add a lightweight tear-away stabilizer under the curtain, if needed. Knot and bury all thread tails.

E Satin stitch around each medallion.
  • Remove any excess stabilizer and rinse the curtain to remove the wash-away stabilizer, following manufacturer's instructions. Allow to air dry. Press and starch the curtain for hanging.


Outline: Nancy’s Notions, Place & Stitch Embroidery, #PSE, (circle stitch outline #'s 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, and 10); (800) 833-0690, Snowflakes: Nancy’s Notions, Winter Jewels embroidery collection; (800) 833-0690,


Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts carries the polyester organza used in the project: (888) 739-4120, Madeira supplied the white #1001, winter-white #1071, and white metallic #300 threads: (800) 225-3001, Nancy's Notions carries the fabrics and all products/supplies used in the project: (800) 833-0690. Watch an online video demo of Place & Stitch at Sulky provided the 12-wt. white cotton machine embroidery thread: (800) 874-4115,

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