In Bloom

Download extra online how-to illustrations to navigate your way through the software tutorial in "In Bloom" and make a stunning silk quilt.



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I have downloaded the designs but there is no border instructions what happened?
In Bloom Project
I'm disappointed that the article and picture don't really match up. It calls for gold silk for the blocks and it sure looks like purple to me in the photo. Also I don't see the border design in the photo.
In BLoom download part 2
As of 2/17/09, even though it says the download is fixed, it is not!
In Bloom Download part 2
It is 9:00 at night and the two downloads are still the same, unless I'm missing something.
In Bloom Download part 2
Today is Feb 15, 2009 and I just tried to download both parts for In Bloom and part 2 is still the same as part 1. According to the previous comments, it was corrected. But it still is coming up as download part 1, there is no part 2.
Downloads part 1 & 2 are the same
Have I missed something? I can see no difference in part1 and part 2.
in bloom quilt
I really like the in blom quilt, however, both downloads are still the same.
In Bloom Quilt download
I love this quilt too, but only see one download link. Please fix that so we can get the whole project. Thanks
In Bloom Quilt download
Quilt looks lovely - but - Part 2 will not download. Both links give me Part 1 only.


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