Eye Mask

Featured in the March/April 2009 issue: Download the featured CME Green Eyes embroidery design from www.sewingdistrict.com.store. (Note: The eye mask pattern is available for FREE but the Green Eyes design is available by purchase only).

Download the eye mask pattern for FREE.

Eye Mask

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green eyes
NOT FREE, I am disappoint with CME Magazine- down loads are so limited not like the original magazine.
website issues
I with everyone else this site is bad. Tried to get a design back in december. was charged three times on credit card never got the design. Finally after many,many calls got the design but it should have been free for the aggravation i went through. Sew simple web site is also a problem
Green Eyes Embroidery Design
Has anyone tried this yet? I have tried it and am not very impressed. I purchased the design but feel it should have been a freebie. The coverage is not great and I get a pucker between the eyes every time. I have done it several times, wondering if anyone else has had the same problem.
go green promotion
Has anyone been able to get the go green design in any format other than vip? I agree with the comments that this site is a mess and hard to navigate.
Customer Comments
Does anyone every reply to these comments? and do anything about the problems people are having? I also kept getting an error page from Creating Keepsakes.......how did I get there? The site is a mess as far as I am concerned.
Ordering "Green Eyes" Design
I'm happy to see I'm not the only one having difficulty with this site. It will be the last time I order anything since I have sent at least a half a dozen emails and not one has replied. I gave my credit card info so have paid for the design and cannot seem to find it anywhere on my computer. As for the eye mask pattern, is it only one page? The mask itself, no other instructions.
I thought the embroidery design was free. Magazine was 6.99, what good is the free pattern without embroidery design.
green eyes design
Purchased Mar/April edition in Feb. 2009- to make mask project(which included FREE eye design-PG.24) however have not been able to access e-newsletter of Jan.28, 2009 (which at time of purchase did not know I needed to that newsletter- ....... I can't complete project after paying for the magazine. What has happened to the FREE design?
The newsletter stated the embroidery design was free and now I find that you have to pay for. This new website is to difficult to navigate.
from Karen
Was thrilled when reading my magazine but upon entering the website was very disappointed. Too comlicated to use and under impression designs were free. Now I get it the patterns are free. OK
such a complicated and basically unfriendly website, I will not try it again and I have been a subscriber from the beginning of this magazine. Not happy at all. Make it easier please!
downloads still not working
still can't use the link from the newsletter for the free green eyes design
eye mask
Found the mask but couldn't download the freebies to try designs. Says I need my credit card-huh?
downloading links
go to the magazine that you want to download from, choose it, follow the pictures and download the patterns. You won't be able to download from the front page of the site. But I was able to download all from the specific month of the publication.
Eye Mask link does not work
The link to the free eye mask pattern returns "Error 404 Page not found"


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