Nest Eggs

Create a few Easter eggs out of batiks or hand-died fabrics and free-standing lace embroideries. Download the free egg pattern HERE.

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More inconsistency and failed URLS
Last comments posted in April and this still isn't fixed. this magazine needs a new webmaster. is anyone at the company reading these comments? Hello?
not working for me either
I came here specifically for this and it is not accessable ...that sucks :(
i still can't
this is the first time that i have been really interested in a patern in a magazine and I can not get the pattern to come up on your sight. I am very me please
egg embroidery
do we have to refer to the magazine to FIND the embroidery file for the easter eggs? Where's the file?
Egg size
To get the correct size of egg pattern when you print it out, look in center on top, it will show current size in a %, change it to 100% and it will print out to the 4 inch size.
Lace Pattern
I am able to print the egg pattern, but how do I access the lace coverlet? It is so pretty and I have tried SO hard!!
Nest Eggs
The eggs are beautiful in basket,on screen.I would like to know where I can find the designs in magazine, screen?
size of eggs
When I printed out the pattern, my size was 8 in. My friend did the same and hers came out 4 in. Which is correct?
I have tried numerous times to get a pattern and can't.
FSL design
Look at the "Design" source listings at the end of the story and you'll find the designs that were used on the featured eggs. If you still have problems, e-mail us at
Where to find egg pattern
Go to 'current issue' and click picture. Wala--the pattern comes up. K
FSL design
I'm new,so maybe I'm just missing something, but I would like to know where I can get the FSL that drapes the eggs.
Why do I get an Error 404 message when trying to download the eggs?? You don't have it there yet?


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