All Natural (Continued): Breathable Bamboo


  • tunic pattern, such as Simplicity 2696
  • challis-weight bamboo fabric according to pattern envelope, plus 1 ⁄3 yard additional fabric for testing
  • lightweight fusible mesh stabilizer (suitable for knits)
  • lightweight tear-away stabilizer
  • lightweight stabilizer(suitable for heirloom sewing)
  • embroidery, bobbin, monofilament and sewing thread
  • pattern tracing paper or vellum
  • removable marker
  • appliqué scissors
  • embroidery design
  • gimp cording (optional)



  • Prewash, dry and press the fabric. Cut out each pattern piece fromthe fabric, except for the neck facings. Set aside the cut pattern pieces. Trace the front and back neck facings onto pattern tracing paper.
  • Choose embroidery designs that fit the facing (excluding the seam allowance).The featured design is only one segment/color of the original design,with some elements removed and resized (D).


D Original design removed and resized.

1. Original Design

2. Centers edited;resized.

3. Create a border.


  • Using embroidery software, print the embroidery design as a template. Resize the design height to fit the facing. Alternatively, modify the facing size or shape to accommodate the design (E). Photocopy the template several times and arrange the designs to fit the back and front neck facings, keeping the seam allowances free.When the designs are in a pleasing arrangement, tape them in place on the traced pattern pieces (F).


E Modify facing size or shape to accommodate design.
F Tape templates in place on pattern pieces.
  • Press fusible mesh stabilizer to each facing wrong side, utilizing enough of the fabric width and length to easily rehoop the facings as necessary. Test-sew one design motif. If additional stabilizer is needed, add a piece of lightweight tear-away stabilizer under the hoop.
  • Pin the facing pattern to the garment right side.Trace the facing outer edge on the fabric right side, and then mark each design center cross mark (G).


G Mark each design center cross mark.
  • Hoop the marked fabric. Attach the hoop to the machine, and slide a piece of lightweight tearaway stabilizer under the hoop. Embroider the designs, rehooping as necessary to complete the embroidery. Unhoop, and press the fabric wrong side.

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good design
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