Season's Greetings

Janine Babich
Season's Greetings


  1. The instructions for adhering the second felt rectangle in the Nov/Dec '10 issue are incorrect. Don't adhere the second felt rectangle until just before the last thread color change. Once the first felt rectangle is adhered, embroider the tacking stitches, and then stitch the remaining design except for the last thread color change. Remove the hoop from the machine, but don't remove the fabric from the hoop. Turn over the hoop and place the second felt rectangle right side up over the stitching; pin beyond the embroidery area on the right side. Place the hoop on the machine and embroider the remaining design.
  2. Cut the two short ribbon pieces slightly longer than the stated 5" in order to tie the bows without hassle.

These errors were made in part by the CME editorial staff and not the author. We apologize for the errors.


The designs have expired.

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Great Hangers
These hangers look easy to make for hostess or other gifts. Other designs could be used as well.
Great Hangers
These hangers look easy to make for hostess or other gifts. Other designs could be used as well.
Great Hangers
These hangers look easy to make for hostess or other gifts. Other designs could be used as well.
Downloading zips
First of all you must have Winzip installed on your computer. FYI-Its much easier to use if its registered. Then set up a file especially for your embroidery. I actually use a thumb(USB) drive for mine. Since I have thousands they are catalogued by subject and/or digitizer. Now your ready to download. click on design you wish to download. When they window prompting you to save or open comes up, choose open. Winzip will automatically open the file for you. You may see a list of the files or a folder. You must click the folders until you see the files. Then you can select just the files you wish to download. Right click on them and select extract from the window. Then locate the folder you created and save the file to it. Hope this helps.
Answers to some questions
Ladies, get some software to convert, there are free ones! Dorothy, you have to watch where you download it to, try it again and tell it where to download to.
Door hangers
I love them! Will get busy tomorrow.
download of free designs,snowflakes
In the past I have gotten designs to a 31/2floppy. now I downloaded but where did it go? How do I get it on my floppy?????
jef format
Please tell me how I can get the downloads in the jef format.
Thank you
Thank you for the great holiday designs
Give Thanks Door Hanger Pillow
Just made this. Stitched beautifully. Thank you!
*.jef format
can you post the give thanks and peace designs in *.jef format?
HELP! Can't download file
Please send me instructions to download these files. I download them and when I go to unzip them - I get an error message about encription. Please help
Our Joann's just got the LAST issue on the shelves! They're always a month or two behind. So frustrating when I see a project I want to make!
Help downloading please
I cannot get these free files to open. I use embird, can you please help me with instructions. I am not good at computer. Help please
jef files
How can I get these designs in .jef files? I love them and really want to get started right away. Thank you.
Thanks for posting the correction so quickly!
There is a mistake in the article of when to adhere the second felt rectangle. Please look above for the corrections. We apologize for the error.
I thought maybe it was me???? I had the same problem, it is like a step was skipped and I am really anxious to make these!!
Instructions in CMEmag
Are there some missing instructions in the mag? If I follow the directions completely, I get the front and back of the hanger stitched together with no way to stuff it! Help!!
RE: Instructions
The instructions are only available in the Nov/Dec '10 issue, which will hit newsstands on 10/19.
Where do I get step by step instruction to make this adorable hanger?? Thank You


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