Poised Poinsettias

Zandra Shaw, courtesy of Sulky Embroidery Club
Poised Poinsettias

The free leaf and poinsettia designs have expired. Purchase the designs at embroidershoppe.com


Correction: There is no satin stitching around the small poinsettia. The featured image showcases two medium poinsettias. Please reference the image below for how the small poinsettia is suppose to look. We apologize for the confusion.

If you'd like to embroider each poinsetta individually, and then hand stitch them together, please download the individual poinsettia designs here. The small poinsettia in this download has a satin stitch perimeter.

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Poinsetta Wreath
Thank you so much for those beautiful designs. I made 2 wreaths as Christmas gifts and recipients loved them. Your generosity greatly appreciated in this day and age! Alyne Arnett
Poised Poinsettia
I am looking forward to making many of this for next Christmas in honor of Sister who went to heaven-her birthday was 12-26 thanks
PDF format for articles to download
I have been trying to scan and save the article about the poinsettia wreath and finally did. However, it would be much easier if I could download it directly from the magazine. I am a subscriber but keeping every magazine is cumbersome and I would like to save the article to disc. Thanks for considering this idea. Miki Powers NanaMouse7@comcast.net
Bernina format
I have a Bernina 180E and you have to use a "Magic Box" to download embroidery designs first on a design card. I select PES as it will not "write" ART. The box converts it so I can use it. Hope this is helpful. If anyone does not have this "converter box" I have an extra one that I will sell. email: sedegrasse@aol.com
Large and small leaves
May get this done for this year. Is it me or am I confused. How many large and how many small leaves? I'm going to try the water soluable also and use a larger hoop. Pls reprint instructions clearly, concisely. Great project.
Poinsettia Large Leaf
The .vip downloaded large leaf is too large for Stitch Manager. Will there be a corrected file posted for downloading? PLEASE!?!?! I have invested alot of $ with purchasing all of the supplies and would like to be able to make this!
Poinsettia Turned Out Great
I already completed this poinsettia. Looks like pic. Love it. I used washable stabilizer instead of tear-away. Somehow I missed that there were 2 size leafs---oh well. My small flower had satin stitch so I must have downloaded after the fix. Anyway, it turned out really nice. I spent a lot of time making my Babylock Ellageo 3 let me put 2 leaves on the 4x4 frame...... Judy in Washington State.
Satin Stitch on smaller flower
Thank you for clearing up OUR confusion! lol. You guys are great!
ART format
We included the art format in the design links above. Please download the designs again to get the art format. Thanks, CME staff
Design Explanation
Dear CME Readers, We apologize for not responding sooner. There is in fact no satin stitching around the small poinsettia. The lead image doesn't showcase the small poinsettia but instead two medium poinsettias. We apologize for the confusion. Please reference the image above for how the small poinsettia is suppose to look. Thanks for reading! CME staff
Poised Poinsettias download
This only downloads as a .zip file. I do not have the unzip ability as it is a paid subscription. Can you put an unzipped version on your web so people can download and be able to open it? Thank you.
Faulty Design
Have not heard a word from anyone about the design. Anyone if you have Sew What Pro you can separate each design, and save and then sew individually. Did look at that lovely photo above? Did you notice they did NOT even use the mini flower? They used two med, and just offset them. I could not find a true red or green organza locally. I found it at Joanns on line, on sale right now. But I am upset that no one responded to acknowledge a faulty design. They set these up at least 4-6 mos in advance and NO ONE caught this Big Boo Boo? Shame on them. What did we pay for with our subscription? Not this kind of treatment. Bad Business for the mag, and EmbroiderShoppe.Shame on them
Problems with Downloading
I have a Babylock Professional machine which uses PES Format and I cannot find the PES Format when downloadins the Leaf and Poinsettias Designs. Do you not furnish the PES Format?
smaller flower has no satin stitch. Will this be corrected?
Was able to download and sew out the poinsetta except there were no satin stitches around the small petal. Hopefully that will be recified soon.
Download Problems
I cannot separate the designs. All sizes of Poinsettias are on top of each other. I have a HUS TOPAZ 30. How do I separate?
I have the hardest time downloading for my Bernina 730. Is there an ART* download I'm missing?
I have the hardest time downloading for my Bernina 730. Is there an ART* download I'm missing?
I have the hardest time downloading for my Bernina 730. Is there an ART* download I'm missing?
Poinsetta Design
Poinsetta design will not download. is there ab errer? I have started project and would sure like to finish it. Please help me Soon!
poised poiinsettia
help- can't figure how to separate pedals from downloaded designs need more instructions. Thanks Irene
Poinsettia design
There does not seem to have any satin stitch with the smallest poinsettia design. Can this be rectified?Soon? I was able to download the exp format for my Bernina 640. My V6 software doesn't recognize any part of the designs.
Poised poinsettia
I am wondering if there should be a satin stitch on the small poinsettia.
Poised Poinsettia
I also downloaded the files and find that the small poinsettia does not have a satin stitch. Will you be putting an updated file on the site?
Poised Poinsettia
Can't download the design. I have a Bernina.
Poised Poinsettias
These won't download.
Poised Poinsettias
No ART format. Also won't download there's an encryption problem.
I don't see ART format. I have a Bernina machine. HELP!
Petal Pusher design
sorry, will you tell me how to down load it. mamacudd
Petal Pusher Design
when i got my book, showing the flowers. I try to down load the embroidery pattern but I did it 3 time any still don't have a design.
Poised Poinsettias
I reeived my magazine today. But I am having trouble with the embroidery design. It doesn't really match the ones in the magazine. Or the directions. Am I reading it wrong. Itlooks like the small petals have satin stitch in the picture but not in the program.
Poised Poinsettias
I received my magazine today. While waiting at a car repair place I read it from cover to cover and loved it. Thank you for the free dzgns.
I love this but it dont have instructions maybe it will be in my magazine when it gets here. I even went to store to buy it but wasnt on the shelf yet.
Free download
Would love the poised poinsettias instructions. How does one download the pattern. Love the magazines, and I am anxious to see the Christmas issue for more ideas.
Poised Poinsettias
Wow, beautiful. I'll start now so I can finish for next year!!!
How and where do you download the poinsetta design?
I would like to get this design. Do I have to have software to download the poinsetta design?
It is in the magazine.
Where are the instructions to make the poinsettias wreath?
I would like to make this wreath. I need the instructions.
Poised Poinsettias
I have yet to embroidery this type of flowers and am looking forward to this beautiful project. Thanks


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