Winter Blooms

Julia Griffey
Winter Blooms


Easily upcycle an old woolen sweater into a pair of warm mittens, embellished with spring blooms. The splash of color and design addition add a touch of floral fun to your winter ensemble.

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 -See below for how to download a design-

This design and pattern will only be available for free until February 28, 2018.  After that time please go to to purchase the pattern.

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How To Download An Embroidery Design.

  • Right click on to the highlighted link for the design.
  • Click on the "SAVE LINK AS". This will bring up a dialog box asking where you would like to save the files.
  • Design files must be saved on a USB or Flash drive.
  • Plug the USB or Flash drive onto your computer and save the design files.
  • Once designs have been saved, take the USB or Flash Drive out of your computer or laptop and install it into your embroidery machine.
  • While on the embroidery machine find the recently saved embroidery design.
  • Select the desired design you wish to use make any adjustments and then begin embroidering.* 

Please note:

*All embroidery machines operate a little differently when it comes to design files. Some require you to name the files with specific letters, numbers etc. Due to the large number of embroidery machines out there we cannot answer every technical question on machines. If you have questions about your particular embroidery sewing machine model, the type of file it uses, or other technical questions please contact your nearest neighborhood dealer.


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