Tree Trimmings Free Designs

Denise Nelson & Krista Tracy, courtesy of Nellybeans
Tree Trimmings Free Designs

The 25 advent calendar ornament designs have expired. The designs are available for purchase at

Download the tree and present templates.

If you're having difficulty opening the ornament stitching instructions included in the zipped folder from the above download, try this pdf.

The backing and batting rectangles should be cut to the finished dimensions of the border once stitched, which is 21 1/2"x36 1/2".

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Backing Dimensions & Downloads
The instructions pdf is to stitch the ornaments, one of which is a wreath. If you're having difficulty downloading the designs or the templates, please email for direct assistance. The backing and batting rectangles should be cut to the finished dimensions of the border once stitched, which should end up being 21 1/2"x36 1/2".
Background dimensions
I have all of the ornaments made and most of the appliques cut out. Please, can someone post the dimensions of the background and backing!!!?????
Tree Trimming Designs
I have tried to download the designs and they just won't download. I turned my anti-virus software off and still no download. Any ideas?
How do I get these to open?
I have downloaded 2 things and they are zipped. I have to have the PES to put into my machine and these won't save - it says I have an error. How do you open your files/
I also can not find the measurements for cutting the background and backing rectangles. Hope you can help! Thanks, Wanda
Having read the instructions for making the Tree trimmings I canot find the exact measurement for the rectangle for the tree to be placed on Have I missed it? Can you help me Thanks Marie
Christmas Tree Download Issue
I have downloaded this but it keeps telling me I don't have a .bmp or .wmf file. Any suggestions?
Christmas Tree Template
This template did not open properly. Also the PDF is for a wreath, which is very pretty, but not the tree
Download problem
Please ignore my first post indicating that I could not get the designs. I have figured out what I did wrong and now have them all. Sorry and thanks.
Download problem
Althought it appeared as if I had downloaded the designs they will not open in my embroidery program, and it seems as if there are some missing.
Download Problem
I extracted the files first before using 4D. They opened fine for me. In the designs file is a documement and I opened it with adobe and then saved it to the folder. Hope this helps. Looks like a neat project and thanks for all the designs.
Download problem
I thought I downloaded the 25 ornament design but cannot open them in my 4 D embroidery software organizer
Download problem
Tree and present templates do not download


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