Tiny Text Correction

Tiny Text Correction

Find the Designer's Gallery EmbroideryWorks software mentioned in Tiny Text on page 50 at designersgallerysoftware.com, NOT designersgallery.com.

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Tiny text
Every month or other a free design is missing, or substituted. Still the best Embroidery magazine I follow. Thanks you Embrilliance for coming to the rescue. Moderators, it would be goodwill to keep it available for a bit more for those subscribers that got disappointed trying to download the missing design. The incomplete correction Didn't help either.
To download the files for the font
copy and past the link below into your browser to be taken to the font link. Or the link is posted on the Freebies page as well. http://www.cmemag.com/articles/Free-Tiny-Text-Font?bc=c
Here is the Tiny Text Download
Free Embroidery Works Trial Program
This can be found at: http://designersgallerysoftware.com/free-trials/embroideryworks
Free Embrilliance Demo Download
This can be found at http://embrilliance.com/demonstration-versions
Tiny text download and software download
designersgallerysoftware.com apparently does not exist. This is the third or fourth time I have tried to download, but have never been able to access this site. I am not renewing my subscription until someone pays attention to the freebee download sites.
Tiny Text
Read what it says. This is a correction to info on pg 50 of the article; not the location for the free software. The link for that is missing from the CME website. That's the problem.
Tiny Text
Where is it? when I go to website, cannot find "free" design for running stitch font and embrillance software.
"Free" Design
I also agree. Cannot find "free" design on the website posted. Please avoid this in the future.
Tiny Text
CME why is it every month it is a search for designs and they can not be found? No quality Controller for your web site. Love to try your site for you before you make public.
Tiny Text
So disappointed in CME for posting offers without validating.
Tiny Text
So disappointed in CME for posting offers without validating.
Tiny Text Correction
Was really looking forward to having this alphabet. Talk about disappointed - AGAIN. Guess nobody tells you the truth anymore.
Tiny Text Correction.
What a mess, you offer a gift, then no one can find it.
Tiny Text Correction
Unable to locate
Tiny Text Correction
took you to another site no dealer located would not proceed to "trial" NOT FREE software checkout so the "free" was not "free" and not available
Tiny Text
No wonder you have no comments, it can't be found.


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