Quick Change

Shannon Dennis
Quick Change

Modify a ready-made sweater for warmer weather. Embellish the sweater with 3-D floral embroidery designs to add color and dimension.


  • ready-made turtleneck sweater
  • ¼ yard of English netting
  • thread: metallic & polyester embroidery
  • stabilizer: adhesive-backed water-soluble & water-soluble
  • seam sealant
  • embroidery designs: 3-D flower & branch

Get Started

  • Apply seam sealant to the sweater armseye and neckline seams; let dry.
  • Roll one sleeve into the sweater until the armseye seam overlaps the sweater by ½" on the wrong side; pin (A).

A. Roll sleeve into sweater

  • Thread the machine with metallic thread. Stitch the armseye seam ½" from the fold. Carefully cut away the sleeve 1" beyond the stitching (B).
  • Repeat to remove the remaining sleeve and turtleneck.

B. Trim sleeve close to stitching.



  • Print five templates of the flower design. Print one template of the branch design. Position the templates on the sweater in a pleasing arrangement. Once satisfied with the placement, mark each design center.
  • Hoop a piece of adhesive-backed water-soluble stabilizer. Score the stabilizer and tear it away inside the hoop to expose the adhesive. Position the sweater over the adhesive, centering the branch center mark; baste.
  • Thread the machine with metallic thread. Embroider the branch design. Once the embroidery is complete, remove the sweater from the hoop and wash away the stabilizer.
  • Hoop a piece of water-soluble stabilizer and the English netting. Thread the machine with polyester thread. Embroider the flower design five times on the netting. Once the embroidery is complete, cut out each flower just beyond the perimeter and wash away the stabilizer. Let dry.


  • Trim the netting close to each flower. Position one flower on the sweater over each center mark; pin.
  • Thread the machine with coordinating metallic thread and select the free-motion setting. Stitch each flower center to secure.

3-D Flower: Husqvarna Viking, collection #84, Elegant Embellishments, design #3; (800) 358-0001, husqvarnaviking.com
Branch: Pfaff, exclusive design included with the Creative Endless Hoop; (800) 997-3233, pfaff.com

Hilos Iris provided the metallic & polyester embroidery thread: hilosiris.com.
June Tailor provided Fray Block seam sealant: (262) 644-5288, junetailor.com.
RNK Distributing provided the stabilizers: (877) 331-0034, rnkdistributing.com.

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