Paper in Motion 2

Pull the tab to reveal the hidden messages on this inviting card. This free project is a Web extra to "Paper in Motion," offering three more cards with moving parts in CME's Paper & Embroidery 2007 issue (click here for back issue ordering information).

For a list of supplies required for this and other card projects, refer to "Getting Started" in the "Paper in Motion" article on p. 22 of Paper & Embroidery 2007.


  • Cut card stock 6" x 7 1⁄2". Draw lines on the wrong side 3 1⁄4" and 6 5⁄8" from one 6" edge. Score on the lines and fold (A).
  • Unfold the card stock and lay it wrong side up on the work surface, with the narrow 7⁄8" panel on the right. Draw lines 1" from the top and bottom edges on the middle panel. Draw lines 7⁄8" from the creases to complete a rectangle within the middle panel. Carefully cut along the side lines only, leaving the top and bottom edges of the rectangle attached to the rest of the card (B).
  • Fold the left panel over the middle panel. Use a 1" circle punch to create a semi-circular notch in the top edge, centering it between the creases.
  • Unfold the card stock and lay it face up with the notched edge on the right. With a removable marking tool, mark the embroidery placement centered between the slits and 2" from the notched edge (C). Note: Choose an embroidery design that will fit between the slits and extend no more than halfway across the slit-edged band.
  • Hoop adhesive stabilizer and attach the card stock so the embroidery location is centered in the hoop. Stitch the design. After embroidery, trim away the excess stabilizer.
  • Write the words, “Come to tea” on the left half of the partially cut out rectangle, beside the embroidered design, or print the words on separate paper and glue in place.
  • Cut a 5" x 3 1⁄4" piece of card stock for the slider. Lay the slider face down on the work surface with the 5" edges running side to side. Draw a line 2" from the left end, from the top edge to a point 3⁄4" above the bottom edge (D). Cut along the line.
  • Lay the embroidered card face down, with the narrow 7/8" panel on the right. With the slider face down and its slit opening to the left, slip the lower portion of the slider under the embroidered rectangle (E). The upper portion of the slider covers the embroidery wrong side.
  • Fold the narrow panel in, over the slider, and apply glue to the narrow panel only.
  • Fold the left hand panel to the right, over the slider, and press to adhere it to the glue on the narrow tab.
  • Turn the card over. The embroidery is visible when the slider is closed. Pull the slider out to reveal the words of invitation.
  • While the slider is extended, write the day or date and time, such as "Thursday at 4 o'clock," on the extended slider, or print out and glue the words in place.
Teeny Teacup: Perfect Little Stitches, 3/4" Teeny Teacup Mini Designs, design Tndtcp03.
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