Light & Lovely

Evy Hawkins

This scarf is the perfect accent to our tiered and layered "Light & Lovely" skirt. Toss it over your shoulders on a summer evening or use it as a sash for the skirt. Both feature frothy, feminine fabrics like chiffon and tea-dyed netting, and your choice of airy embroidery designs. Get complete instructions for the skirt in CME's May/June 2007 issue (click here to order this issue).

  • 8 1/2" x 73” strip of silk chiffon
  • Two 5” squares of English netting
  • Woven water-soluble stabilizer
  • Water-soluble marker
  • Embroidery, bobbin and sewing thread
  • Embroidery designs of your choice suitable for sheer fabric
  • Right sides together, sew a 5" square to each short end of the chiffon strip.
  • Serge or otherwise finish the edges. Note: The sample features a machine lettuce edge. Achieve this by holding the fabric tightly behind and in front of the needle while sewing the hem to make the edge curl slightly.
  • Print or stitch templates of the chosen embroidery designs. Make as many templates as needed. Arrange the templates in the arrangement desired and mark the center of each design with a water-soluble marker.
  • Cut a piece of woven water-soluble stabilizer slightly larger than the hoop. Smooth the sheer fabric over the stabilizer and hoop both together. The center mark for each design should be aligned in the center of the hoop. Use the smallest possible hoop for the design. It’s important that the fabric is smooth and taut—but not stretched—in the hoop. Do not pull or tug the fabric after it’s in the hoop.
  • Un-hoop and carefully cut away any large portions of excess stabilizer and remove the rest following the manufacturer’s directions.
  • To embroider on English netting, sandwich the netting between layers of water-soluble stabilizer. Do not stretch the netting while hooping the layers.


A Bit of Stitch: Lightly Lace designs, Tiny Butterfly, Flower Bunch, Paisley, Small Paisley, Flower Bud, Flower Single

My Fair Lady: Princess Companions, design Pc4-4x4; Fall Border Companions, design Fbc-12-4x4

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