Harvest Hanger

Janine Babich
Harvest Hanger

The free Pumpkin and Template designs have expired and are no longer available.


Correction: The instructions state to combine letters to form the word "Welcome" in the desired font on the machine screen. However, the word "Welcome" is already part of the design, so omit this step. Also, use woven water-soluble stabilizer, as film water-soluble stabilizer isn't sturdy enough to support the design.

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Harvest Hanger Sept/Oct 2010
PC had a virus & I lost my download. I still have the magazine. Is there anyway I would be able to re-download this design? Hope you can help me. Thanks
Harvest Hanger
Can you please help...I received my first issue of CME which is the September/October the first week of November !!!!! I immediately wanted to download this design. Is there anyway it can still be downloaded ??? In reading the comments....seems like everybody got their issue so late !! Thank you
I'm several weeks late!
Help! Any chance I can still find these somewhere? I thought I downloaded the design but can't find it, since my sewing room is way too disorganized (boo hoo). Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and I'm kicking myself.
Expiration Date Extended
You spoke and we listened! Our Harvest Hanger free design downloads have been extended until Oct. 31st.
harvest hanger
I loved your harvest hanger.Had no problem down loading it. Do you have one for christmas? I really do like the stitches on top of the satin stitches around the outside edges. I would be more than happy to buy a Christmas hanger.
Hanger d/l
the bookstore had it on the shelf the night before and the next day I couldn't get to the computer to d/l kinda disapointing!
Harvest Hanger
Sorry and disapointed I couldn't down load this file. This is why I bought the Magazine. guess I should have read it more carefully. I bought the mag today
harvest hanger
How disappointing that the design is not available! I purchased the magazine today just for that design. (Oct.21)
Harvest Hanger
I just signed up & really wanted the Harvest Hanger. Would you please make an exception? I am only 2 days late? Tks
Welcome Door Hanger
Received my 1st issue today, 10/21, but free offer stopped on the 19th.
welcome design in magazine
My subscriptlion arrived today and looking thru I saw the door hanger. What a disappointment as I got my magazine TODAY the 20th and the free offer stoped on the 19th. almost makes me want to stop my subscription.
Harvest Door Hanger still
I have tried to make 3 of these hangers and have been unsucessful. I have the 4D program and Designer 1. Can you offer any suggestions?
free designs
I am very sorry that you have discontinued many of your free designs. Now you only give a few each magazine. I was a subscriber for many years but since you have chosen to have more ads than articles/designs and instructions, I see no reason to subscribe any longer.
Harvest Door Hanger
I've made a couple of these with my Designer SE sewing machine. Turned out great! I saw the design/instructions in the magazaine first, then went on to the web site to dowload the feww designs. Thanks CME Magazine!!
RE: Instructions
The instructions are only available in the Sept/Oct 2010 magazine.
Instructions not included in download.
Could you please post how to obtain the instructions for the Harvest Hanger?
Harvest Door Hanger
Thank you for the design! Where are the instructions!?
How do I open file? I have a bernina.
Harvest door hanger
How do I download this? I have accessed the website from Creative Machine Embroidery but nothing happens.
I downloaded template and design. Where are the instructions?
Cannot view design with 4D extra. What do I do?
Have downloaded this file but I need help with next steps. Have 4 D Software - I don't know how to open it or get the actual working files.
Harvest Hanger
Thanks for this wonderful design. It stitches out perfectly and beautifully. I used free software to change formats with no problem.
Harvest Hanger
Are the instructions available on-line? Thanks
Conversion Tool Link
Here it the free conversion tool...converts to any format you need https://www.embroiderydesigns.com/convertdesignfileshome.aspx.
You can convert any design with the free embroidery design conversion tool on www.embroiderydesigns.com go under tools...i use it ALL the time. apparently lots of folks dont know about it...or google. free embroidery conversion tool
Door Knob Hanger
I can't open any of the designs in 4D Extra. I can see it in 4D Organizer but I get an error message saying "Unrecognized file extension"
door knob hanger
this is nice but embroidery library has all kinds including one simular to do all in hoop and not hard at all. i have done a bunch i got from them.
why is this design download not in jef format?
I didn't realize what a huge design this is; my largest hoop is 5x7" !!!
Door Hanger
This looks like a nice project. Too bad it is not available in JEF format.
Door Hanger
I stitched this out the second and did not trim until after the 14th thread change and it did beautifully. Mine looks as pretty as the one in the picture. I see endless possibilities with this door hanger...replace the pumpkin with a Christmas applique or whatever holiday. Thank you so much..again!!
Autum hanger
wow very nice designs , sews great and would be proud to give as a gift, thank you for all the hard work to make us a special and really nice design and FREE wow thank you!
door hanger fixed
Thanks for fixing the door hanger in VIP3. and so fast. I love it and it worked great!! You are the best. I was able to stitch it out perfectly.
I work in PES & there is a lovely Satin Stitch outline 5mm or.20 inches in width. Wider than most designs.It stitches out nicely & the instructions were easy to use. Nice to have PIX to go by.Thank you.
Door Hanger
This is a darling idea! However, the instructions, in the magazine are not clear enough for a beginner. I will be making another one, but will change a couple of steps in the order of the stitch out. Yes, it is alot of work.
Door Hanger
there is no satin stitch on the outside edge so I had to put one with my Digitizer Pro Program. The design was not available in JEF format so I had to convert it in order to use it. LOTS of work to stitch this design
Door Hanger
Has anyone been able to stitch this design out completely in VIP3 (pfaff)? My download doesn't have the outside edge stitching.
Door Hanger
Is there a way to have an opening on one side to accommodate a larger doorknob?
Download problems
If you are having trouble with the downloading the design, please email info@cmemag.com.
Hope this works for me better then the others
Doesn't look like this is a good file
cannot download pumpkin design in pes to emb.
please how do you download the pumpkin design?
hanger template
I couldn't open the hanger template. The computer was trying to open it in Windows photo gallery.
this is such a cute project
I can't open the hanger template?


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