The Great Pumpkin: Free 3-D Pumpkin, Leaves & Sunflower Designs

by Pamela Caldwell, courtesy of Pam’s 3-D Designs
The Great Pumpkin: Free 3-D Pumpkin, Leaves & Sunflower Designs

These free designs have expired. Purchase the Mylar leaves, pumpkin and sunflower designs at

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The Great Pumpkin
I am in need of the instructions for this design. I can't find my cme magazine that I got the design out of. I appreciate any help I can get. my email is thank you in advance Linda
buying the mylar for this set
I was able to find some of the mylar tissue paper at the Dollar tree store but you can also buy it on line at Nancys Notions, the store for the Sewing with Nancy show. You can buy individual colors or buy a set. I was never able to find orange, so I am guessing they used copper or a color close to that and used orange threat!!
last years designs
Could not even get to register on the site the challenge proved harder than I couold master in over an hour.............
Supplies for pumpkin and leaves
I purchased the tulle as indicated in the supply list, but was only able to stitch out top, base, and 3 sides before I ran out of orange tulle. Can you check the yardage on the orange, red and yellow which is listed for supplies. I have to return to the store.
I have been told that we can use the "clear" wrapping "paper" at Party City - or other places.
joann's on line doesn't have the colors needed for leaves & pumpkin. Where do you buy mylar?
mylar is available in sheets at joann's on line only
Great Pumpkin
I haven't been able to find the mylar. any suggestions where to buy?
Great Pumpkin
I am unable to open the sides of the pumpkin. The sides download but will not open. Everything else opens fine and looks great. I use pes. Any help would be appreciated.
sides of great pumpkin.
icannot download the sides of the pumpkin, any suggestions
the great pumpkin
this is so cute, can't wait to make a couple. anyone know where they sell mylar???
the Pumpkin
The Sep/oct issue has helped a lot in my learning the lace tec. I cant wait to try this pumpkin
I will be making the Decoration for fall! Love the bright colors! Than kyou!
Great Pumpkin
Autumn is my favorite season. What another great way to celebrate the bright colors of autumn. Thanks


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