Free Keepsake Quilt Project

Michele Mishler
Free Keepsake Quilt Project

Create a charming keepsake quilt of frolicking Collies, perfect of a Collie lover or any dog lover.  

Get the full instructions here!

And download the applique "Hill" pattern here!

The Birdhouse, Blue Merle and the Collie pup embroidery designs were availabe for free ONLY until August 30, 2013. After this date they will be available for purchase at!

For other designs in the quilt please visit!


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Design Templates
When the Puppy Love Quilt first appeared, I didn't realize how many ways the term 'templates' can be used! I use design templates for the positioning of embroidery designs and I print them with my embroidery software. For those of you without software, Oregon Patchworks has kindly added a printable PDF file for each of the embroidery designs in the Puppy Parade Collection. You can find it at the bottom of the page. It is a free download. Thanks for all the positive comments, Michele Mishler
Quilt Project
The other designs are available at
The instructions tell you to print the templates for the trees, flowers, house and Park BENCH but where do we find them to print them???? We can't make this quilt without them. HELP!!!
OK! The hill template is now up
As well as more clarification and links. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!
Templates and Downloads
I will check the templates and downloads for the project and get back to you! Thank you!
Missing Template (emb Files) contains 3 files for the quilt. How do we get the remaining 4 files to complete the embroidery in the Quilt. Do we have to purchase them? And From who? Would love to do this project ... can you help?
Supporting Sandrea
Like Sandrea, the download contains the designs in various formats plus their images, but no templates.
Got designs and story but NO TEMPLATES for hill, house, parkbench etc.
I was able to download the 3 designs and the Puppy Love Story BUT where are the TEMPLATES for the Hills, House, Parkbench ETC. I have been all over the siter trying to find the templates. (When I clk on "download templates here" It downloads only the birdhouse and the Blue Merle and the Collie Dog. Help!! Love the project.
Thank you hamann911
I will highlight the link in its entirety, might avoid some confusion!
Reply to FKF
Click on the link for download "template here" to access the embroidery designs for Birdhouse, Blue Merle and Collie pup. Hope that helps!
Embroidery designs
I would like to download the July/Aug 2013 Birdhouse, Blue Merle, and Collie pup design but can't seem to get them???????
free puppy love quilt project
can find the template to print of the house and the trees
July/Aug 2013
just got my mag today! Love the quilt and can't wait to make one!
Free Keepsake Quilt Project
Michele Mishler does beautiful work, glad you like the project!
Free Keepsake Quilt Project
Thank you so much for the free quilt project. I think it is simply devine! Your content is always excellent.


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