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Ellen March
Editor Letter


Happy New Year! One of the pleasures of beginning a new year is getting a fresh start. We put the past behind us and look to the future, plan exciting adventures and set new goals. Here at CME, we’ve surpassed our 10 year milestone and are looking ahead to what will come during the next ten years.

It’s difficult to predict how machine embroidery will evolve by the year 2021. Will every home-sewing machine have embroidery capabilities? I sure hope so, because everyone deserves the chance to try it and see just how simple it really is! And it will only get easier with advancements in technology and more access to education.

Even in 2012, sewing and embroidery is right at our fingertips. There are so many resources that offer instant help when we’re in the middle of a project and things just aren’t going well. From sewing apps on smartphones to friends on Facebook, there’s always someone or something to help when we’re having an embroidery crisis. And don’t forget to reference past CME issues along with cmemag.com and sewingdistrict.com. Plus, actual books are still being published—they’ll forever be my favorite resource for timeless information.

The point is, no matter how long the embroidery world has been at it, there are always new developments and improvements to make. We’ll never truly know everything about sewing or embroidery, but isn’t that what makes it so fun? So I propose we all make a resolution together to continue our love of embroidery and push the envelope with our skill level and design comfort zone. Let’s all try something new at the machine this year and see what inspiration comes from it.

If you’ve never tried thread velvet, turn to page 34 to learn how. You’ll love this embellishment because it’s so easy, yet others will think it took you years to master. Or design your own fleece top to wear on chilly nights. Embroidering fleece is easy if you know a few simple tips and use the right products to ensure success. Turn to page 32 for helpful how-tos.

Thanks for starting another year with CME. Let us know what you’d like to learn this year at info@cmemag.com.


Ellen March




In the March/April issue, we’re celebrating spring with festive baskets and purses. Don’t miss it when it hits newsstands on February 14.


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Free pattern
Is the lace basket shown on pg 28 a free download for Feb 2012?
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No, the images are labeled correctly.
Reversed Pictures
Jan-Feb. page 16: Are the F and G pictures labeled correctly? They seem to be backwards.


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