Editor's Letter

Ellen March
Editor's Letter

2010 is here! It’s just so hard to believe. According to some earlier predictions on film and television, we should be driving flying cars, conversing
with aliens and living on Mars. I don’t know about you, but I’m content without all of that progress. As long as sewing and embroiderymachines and products continue to advance, I’m a happy girl.

Lately I’ve been teaching several ladies how to use an embroidery machine, and I love the awe in their eyes once they understand how simple the process really is. Embroidery machines are so advanced. Some practically talk to you! Just when I think the manufacturers can’t possibly improve their models, something new comes on the scene that knocks my socks off. This year we’ll be presenting you with countless new machines,
products and techniques to refresh and renew your love of embroidery.

We’ve also revamped some of our existing content based on suggestions from you, starting with our stabilizer tutorial column: “Stabilizer Wiser.” In each issue, we’ll give you the most current information on available stabilizers, including when and how to use each type. Turn to page 66 to
read the first installment. And be sure to keep a copy near your embroidery machine for future reference.

“Basic Training” is back and better than ever. You told us what topics most interest you, and we’ve made sure to include the top picks in each
2010 issue. In this issue, learn all about embroidery design templates on page 16.

We’re also presenting you with 10 projects that are perfect for the winter months. Learn how to add embroidery to fuzzy boots in “Boot Camp” on page 32. Celebrate New Year’s Eve with a metallic embroidered banner (page 50). Give a “Love Note Pillow” to someone for Valentine’s Day (page 28). And more!

As you flip through the pages of this issue, think about how far your sewing ability has advanced through the years. And find peace knowing that
although your machine may utter sounds, it doesn’t talk back…yet.



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