Free Tote Bag Pattern & Cross-Stitch Embroidery Design

Carol Zentgraf
Free Tote Bag Pattern & Cross-Stitch Embroidery Design

Get the look of hand cross-stitching in a fraction of the time and create a roomy linen handbag embellished with colorful flowers.

Get the full purse instructions here!      

The design is now available for purchase after June 30, 2013 at 

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Part of the problem
Part of the problem is that you can't always access this site through Firefox and if you can, it doesn't want to d/l. I have to use Internet Explorer and it almost always works. I think CME needs more bandwidth, better IT dept or something becuase it is almost darn impossible to navigate this site w/o issues-- and I'm no novice to computers, the internet or downloading.
Can't get it!
I give up! Can't do it!
Found it
After reading comments from Customer service I was able to get. I downloaded several versions as I have several machines.. A few came in zip file as 0 and when I tried opening they were in fact blank. I went back and downloaded each indiviually to get. However the design software I use is Artista and when I downloaded the ART file I got a mesage that this is not a "grade A or B fille". Not sure I'd buy anything from this store that might need to be altered
Cross stitch Carry all
I tried twice, and got it. Fill in info and hit enter, put in the code click the button,look for the download area and it is there waiting for you
Frustrating and Completely Unavailable
I have been trying for an hour to reach this "free" design, and there is no way to get it. When you fill out the information page to sign in, there is no way to continue past that page. So sad that this is supposedly available to CME subscribers, and we are really unable to access it.
impossible to find
I spent 45 minutes trying to find the download pattern and never did find it. Why are they trying so hard to hid it?
Finally got it
It was quite complicated to download the design from - but I finally got it! Thanks a lot!
flower download
the box for the code will not allow the last number
Cross stitched flower
Thanks for the pretty flower, I was able to download it without any problems!!
cross stitch design download
Having many problems downloading, I'm giving up.
cross stitch design
Wow, lots of problems. Still unable to download. And what about the Big Green Down Arrow Download. I chose that and it was for some program not for the free design. I did not download, it looked fishy.
cross stitch design
I noticed that the code number has a different last number-it still does not work
cannot find it
I followed Customer service directions and a window comes up stating no file found-what to do?
Found it!
If you just go to, don't try to find the design, just click on the shopping cart. It says that it's empty-in the left margin is a little box where you enter the coupon number. After you register (as if you're placing an order), you can download the design in one or more formats. Hope this helps!
Cross-stitch design for carryall
There is only a pdf document in the download for the carryall. Need to put in cross-stick embroidery design.
design missing
The design is not under the link for the flower design. PDF is good, but need the embroidery design.
free design
There is no free design, how do I find it?
No design
The PDF file is under both of the downloads listed. There is no free design to download.
No Design
The free design is not downloading with the link - only the PDF file.


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