Fast Forward: Canister Cover

Ellen March
Fast Forward: Canister Cover

Create a cute canister cover to conceal baking supplies, coffee or tea. If you don’t have an existing canister, remove the label from a large, clean coffee can and reuse it for this project.


  • flannel (amount determined by canister measurements)
  • coordinating flannel or faux suede (amount determined by canister measurements)
  • 8⁄32"-diameter cotton cording (amountdetermined by canister measurements)
  • thread: all-purpose, bobbin & embroidery
  • cut-away stabilizer
  • 3 adhesive hook-and-loop tape dots
  • zipper foot
  • embroidery design (size determined by canister measurements


  1. Measure the canister diameter and add 2 1⁄2"; record. Measure the canister height and add 1"; record. From the flannel, cut two rectangles to the determined measurements.
  2. From the coordinating flannel, cut two 2" x the recorded diameter measurement strips. From the cording, cut two lengths to the recorded diameter measurement.
  3. Center one cording piece along one strip wrong side. Fold the strip in half lengthwise with wrong sides together, concealing the cording. Using a zipper foot, stitch 1⁄4" from the cording. Repeat to stitch the remaining piping strip.
  4. Trim 3⁄4" from one cording end. Distribute the cording inside the strip, leaving 3⁄8" free from each strip end. Repeat to trim the remaining cording.
  5. Fold one flannel rectangle in half widthwise and lengthwise with right sides together. Press to set the fold intersection.
  6. Hoop the rectangle with cut-away stabilizer. Load the design into the machine. Position the needle over the fabric fold intersection. Stitch the design, clipping jump threads with each thread change.
  7. Remove the hoop from the machine and the fabric from the hoop. Cut away the stabilizer beyond the design perimeter.
  8. With right sides together, stitch one piping strip raw edge to the embroidered rectangle upper edge, using a zipper foot to stitch as close to the cording as possible. Repeat to stitch the remaining piping strip to the embroidered rectangle lower edge.
  9. With right sides together, stitch the remaining flannel rectangle to the embroidered rectangle, sandwiching the piping and leaving a 4" opening along the lower edge for turning.
  10. Turn the canister cover right side out through the opening. Topstitch the cover perimeter. Position the cover around the canister, overlapping one
    cover short end with the other. Evenly space the hook-and-loop tape dots along the short ends.

Coffee: Urban Threads, For the Love of Coffee;

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Canister Cover
I so enjoy delightful kitchens and baths. This is a wonder way to use the designs to ordinate with our decor. Thanks


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