By Candlelight

Sara Boughner
By Candlelight

Liven up your home with simple yet stylish candle wraps. Quick and easy, they’re the perfect accent to any room.

Shopping List

Materials are enough for one wrap measuring
31⁄2" x 131⁄2".

  • 1⁄2" yard of silk fabric
  • candleholder
  • wire mesh
  • embroidery software
  • adhesive-backed water-soluble stabilizer
  • thread: embroidery and sewing
  • 80/12 topstitching needle
  • air-soluble fabric marking pen
  • appliqué scissors
  • fusible web
  • coordinating button
  • 2mm to 3mm fusible crystals (optional)
  • heat applicator wand (optional)
  • appliqué and outline embroidery designs

Getting Started

  • Starch and press the silk. Measure the height of the chosen candleholder and determine the width of the finished wrap; record the measurement. The featured wraps are 31⁄2" wide. Measure the candleholder circumference; record.
  • Cut the fabric to twice the desired width plus For example, if the desired width is 31⁄2", cut the fabric 8" wide. Cut the fabric length to the circumference measurement plus 31⁄2".
  • Using an air-soluble fabric marking pen, draw a line down the center of the fabric rectangle length.


  • Some designs are available in multiple styles. For instance, the featured designs are available in three styles, including an outline, appliqué and fill stitch.
  • Open the embroidery software program on the computer. Open the chosen appliqué design(s) in the software. Choose elements from the appliqué design(s), crop them out and enlarge each element approximately 1⁄4". Combine the elements to make a single design.
  • Transfer the appliqué and outline designs to the machine and insert a new 80/12 needle. Experiment with different thread colors before embroidering the outline design. Use thread that contrasts with the chosen fabric color to achieve a striking result. Alternatively, choose thread that matches the fabric color for consistency. Or select thread that’s slightly lighter than the fabric color to add dimension.
  • Hoop a piece of adhesive-backed water-soluble stabilizer. Using the point of a pin, score the top layer of stabilizer from one hoop corner to the opposite corner, dividing the stabilizer into four triangle shapes. Lift one layer at a time to expose the adhesive.
  • Place the fabric right side up over the stabilizer, aligning the fabric center with the hoop center marks. Lightly finger-press the fabric to the stabilizer to hold it in place.
  • Embroider the design repeatedly to cover the entire wrap length, spacing the design as desired. Once embroidery is complete, wash away the excess stabilizer; let dry. Press from the fabric wrong side.
  • Determine placement for the appliqué design on the wrap. Load matching top and bobbin thread and hoop a piece of adhesive-backed water-soluble stabilizer. Score the stabilizer using the point of a pin or the machine’s baste-in-the-hoop function, if applicable.
  • Embroider the first appliqué thread color, which is usually the outline for designs. Once the first color is complete, cover the outline stitches with wire mesh.
  • Embroider the second appliqué thread color, which typically are basting stitches that tack down the fabric. Once the second color is complete, trim away any excess wire mesh. Carefully press down the wire mesh trimmed edges, as any pieces of wire that protrude may cause thread breakage.
  • Set the machine to embroider at half speed and embroider the remaining design. Once embroidery is complete, clip any jump threads. Remove the stabilizer by soaking the design in warm water until the stabilizer is completely dissolved. Press the design between two towels to remove any excess water; air dry.


  • Wrong sides together, fold the wrap in half lengthwise, matching the raw edges. Using a 1⁄2" seam allowance, stitch the wrap long edge, leaving a 2" opening for turning (A).

A) Stitch wrap long edge.

  • Press the seam to the wrap back, centering the embroidery on the wrap front (B).

B) Press seam to wrap back, centering embroidery on wrap front.

  • Stitch each wrap short edge (C). Trim the corners and turn the wrap right side out through the opening along the center back. Use fusible web to fuse the opening closed. Gently push out the corners; press.

C) Stitch wrap short edges.

TIP: Strategically attach crystals to the appliqué to hide the stitching.

  • Stitch a buttonhole to accommodate the chosen button along one wrap short end. Carefully cut open the buttonhole. Place the wrap around the candleholder and hold it firmly in place. Using a fabric marking pen, mark a dot through center of the open buttonhole. Hand or machine stitch the button along the mark.
  • Determine the placement for the appliqué design on the wrap. Using a 1.5mm buttonhole stitch and matching thread, stitch the appliqué to the wrap. Stitch in several places to secure the design to the fabric without completely stitching it down.
  • Use a heat applicator wand to attach crystals to the designs, if desired.


Mix It Up
Select fabric colors and designs that correspond with the time of year to make seasonal wraps. The wraps below are perfect for the winter holiday season.

Appliqué & Outline: Cactus Punch, Four Seasons of Embroidery with Thimbleberries, EL007; (800) 933-8081,

Husqvarna Viking provided the Aqua Magic Plus adhesive-backed water-soluble stabilizer: (800) 358-0001,
Pfaff provide the 4D Embroidery Extra software: (800) 997-3233,
The Warm Company provided Steam A Seam II fusible web: (425) 248-2424,
YLI Corp. provided the iris polyester embroidery thread: (803) 985-3100,

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Wire mesh
My understanding here is that you are creating embroidery on the silk cuff to go around the candle, as well as a free standing embroidered applique to attatch to the cuff. The free standing applique is embroidered using the screen as the base, to provide support. I have gotten screening from many quilting shops, in some really interesting colors. The screen bags were really in a few years ago. But you also can get in the hardware store.
Wire Mesh
I'm confused on how to apply the wire mesh and where to purchase this. Can someone explain or provide a picture. Step 8 under Embrodiery
Candle Wrap
This looks like a fun and simple project.
Catcus Punch designs for candles
Icould not find designs for candles. I'll call them Monday for info. Why do web sights have to be so complicated? Everyone is not computer savy.
Candle Wrap
Thanks for this great project


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