Cute Bunny Embroidery Designs

Pamela Caldwell
Cute Bunny Embroidery Designs

Hang a towel on your oven door to let the family know you’re off duty. Cute kissing bunnies will distract them when they realize they must fend for themselves. The free designs expired on May 15th and will be available at for purchase.



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Bunny Business
Is there anyway to still get the towel topper download by itself?
Bunny Business
Sorry for the confusion. The bunny designs (5x7 & 7x11) are now available for download. Please email if you have any further questions!
hi everyone this free design are pretty good but couldn't download the easter bunnies does anyone have instruction as why bunnies wont download just the templet?
hi everyone this free design are pretty good but couldn't download the easter bunnies does anyone have instruction as why bunnies wont download just the templet?
My system opens everything and the bunnies are not there. All the towel files, no bunny files. No one from the mag seems to answer questions here. This site and mag never cease to disappoint. I download from dozens of design sites. This is THE ONLY ONE that gives consistently bad files and info. VERY disappointed. again. I 've been fooled several times thinking things may have improved. Shame on me.
.jef designs
I contacted Pam at Pam's 3D Designs and she forwarded me the two designs in the .jef format.
Bunny Business
I've tried acouple of times to download the bunny design-get the topper & kitchen words but no bunnies-my system doesn't open DS made for Macs.Use the VIP formatHELP
Bunny Business
I downloaded the files for .jef format for the Bunny Kitchen Towel. The designs will not open in my Customizer program but I can open them in my Digitizer Pro program and change the hoop size for the sign pattern and sign designs. The kitchen towel topper pattern and topper design are too large for the machine hoops. Looks like the designs are for the 7 x 11 format. The two designs would have to be split. Are there designs that fit this description? Are there separate designs for the 5 x 7 format?
Hi All. If you are still experiencing problems, please email and we will sort out any confusion regarding these designs.
Dose anyone get answer to comments
bunny towel instructions
i can't believe so many have asked about the instructions! Maybe you should look in the magazine!
the kitchen closed
I have the Bunny but the top is too big for my hoop. My hoop is a 5x7.
missing bunnies
I downloaded the bunny business no bunnies where are they
Bunny business
after unzipping Bunny designs are there! Thank you
Bunny business
where do I get the bunnies on a swing design?
How big is this design Feb 132013 at 3pm
Towel Topper for Bunny Business
I got the design for Bunny Business but can't find the Towel topper instructions.
I just downloaded again the download and the bunnies are therealong with the color sheet. I don't believe it was there before.
where are they?
Bunnies and Instructions
It is a bit disappointing that there has been no response to these questions. Maybe we should contact Pam Caldwell.
Bunnies & Instructions
No bunnies, no instructions. You would think they would have this correct before the magazine went out!
downloaded the towel topper but no bunnies found
Got all the patterns, but no bunnies Where are the bunnies. How does ont get them> Thank. You
Where are the bunnies???
Bunny Business
Where are the Bunnies?
Bunny Business
I downloaded the towel topper but there are no Bunnies. Do I need to go to another site?
Bunny Business
Where's the Bunnies? The download was blank!
ditto Where's the bunnies?
The newsletter said the were included
Where are the bunnies?
I found the the kitchen closed and the outlines for the topper but no bunnies. They look so cute.
Bunny Business
Thank you for the design. I was wondering if there are any instructions to go with it?


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