Bohemian Beauty

Karline Koehler, courtesy of Urban Threads
Bohemian Beauty

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Embrace your inner flower child by making a quick-and-easy faux leather belt that incorporates free-spirited designs. Wear the belt over a flowing shirt, dress or jeans.


  • 1⁄2 yard of faux leather
  • 1 yard of 1⁄8"-wide coordinating ribbon
  • six 1⁄4"-diameter grommets
  • mediumweight cut-away stabilizer
  • temporary spray adhesive
  • removable fabric marker
  • thread: all-purpose, bobbin & embroidery
  • border embroidery design



  • Measure the width of the chosen design. Add 11⁄4" and 11⁄2" to the width; record each measurement.
  • Determine where to wear the belt, such as along the waistline or hips, depending on the desired look. Measure the desired location. Subtract 2" from the measurement; record the length.
  • Using the short width and length measurements, draw one rectangle on the leather right side using a removable fabric marker. Repeat to draw a second rectangle on the leather using the long width and length measurements. Cut out each rectangle.
  • Print three templates of the chosen design. Audition the templates along the short rectangle right side, leaving 2" of fabric free along each side and spacing each template 1⁄4" apart (A). Once satisfied with the placement, mark each design center using a removable fabric marker.


A. Audition templates along short rectangle right side.



  • Hoop a piece of cut-away stabilizer. Place the short rectangle over the stabilizer, using temporary spray adhesive to secure. Load the hoop onto the machine and position the needle over one design center mark. Embroider the design. Repeat to embroider each remaining design.
  • After the embroidery is complete, remove the hoop from the machine and the fabric from the hoop. Cut away the stabilizer.

TIP: Mark each design center cross mark using masking tape in lieu of a marker



  • Place the long rectangle right side down on a flat work surface. Center the embroidered rectangle right side up over the long rectangle, leaving 1⁄4" of fabric free along the long rectangle upper and lower edges (B). Secure the rectangles using masking tape. Topstitch the short rectangle perimeter.

B. Center embroidered rectangle over long rectangle.

  • Position three grommets 3⁄4" apart and 1⁄2" from the belt upper, lower and left edges (C). Insert each grommet, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Repeat to insert three grommets along the belt right edge.

C. Position grommets along belt left edge.


  • Lace up the belt by pulling the ribbon through each grommet; tie the lace ends in a bow to secure.

Border: Urban Threads, Boho Border, #UT1994;

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