All That Glitters

by Linda Martin, courtesy of SewAZ Designs
All That Glitters

The free ornament design has expired. Purchase the design at

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Reviews & comments
After trying to download your mylar ornament and reading the reviews, I have changed my mind about to offers for free design downloads. There were several comments regarding the same problem. One negative comments and perhaps it was the person trying to stitch out. But several comments regarding the same problem, gives you cause to think is anyone testing these designs or paying attention to how they stitch out BEFORE they publish these designs for free download??? I am thinking about not subscribing again. Too many bits of misinformation/screwups. I hope your staff starts to pay better attention to the content as I would hate to see this magazine go away. This is my first attempt to download any of your designs and found it frustrating and a waste of time.
all that glitters
the hoop for the ornament fell apart bonnie
Mylar Ornament
Thanks for fixing this design. It now sews out even more beautifully and with less steps. Good job!
Fixed Eyelet
The loop hanger should be fixed in the design. A .pdf with instructions is included in the zip file. If you continue to experience problems, please email for further assistance.
Mylar Ornament
Are you going to fix the eyelet that washes out? Not much use for this design if not. Could be very cute if fixed.
ghavey what format did you use . I used JEf. and it would not stay
all that glitters ornament
I was able to dowmload the design but I don't see any instructions as to when/how you use the mylar. also there are no instructions for the turkey
I have made 2 of these ornaments and the eyelets come undone when I wash out the stablizer
All that glitters ornaments
When I download the PES design, it is blank. The PDF files were no problem
Free Downloads
Thank you sooo much for all of the lovely designs - I especially like the Turkey!!
Design Trouble
The glitter ornament stitched out alright but the hanger didn't. Please take care of this.
Design Trouble
If you're experiencing trouble downloading the design, please email
poised poinsettia
I am having problems with this project. I cannot get the poinsettia to download correctly. Please fix it.I have started and cannot finish. Please help
PES format
Dear readers, We included the pes format. Please download the design again. Thanks for reading! Sincerely, CME staff
re: pse version
you can open the design in software and save it with the correct format for your machine (ie: pes)
petal and pusher design
I download 3 times never got the design not even 1. I well buy it but I can not find find it. well some one tell how to get it bought the suff to make them. doris cudd at i need help.
ornament design
You have a Brother ad on your site and no PES format for the design???
I would like the ornament design
Do you have the ornament designs in PES? Martha
Why not all formats
Very disappointed that PES is not among the formats provided
All that glitters is a bummer
No PES format, that leaves a lot of us out in the clold, which is a real BUMMER!!!
Why is there not a PES format for the cmas mylar ornaments?


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