All-Occasion Garland

Pansies and butterflies welcome spring with a burst of color. This garland is a fun take for the wall of a teenager’s room.

For more seasonal garlands, see "All-Occasion Garlands" in CME's Paper & Embroidery 2006 (click here for back issue ordering information).


Note: These supplies are in addition to the "General Supplies" found in "All-Occasion Garlands" on page 76 of the CME's Paper & Embroidery 2006 issue. 

  • Art paper
  • Coordinating card stock for frame backing
  • Mesh stabilizer
  • Small floral and grapevine garlands
  • 1/4"-wide ribbon
  • “S” paper clips and spiral paper clips
  • Clear foot for decorative stitching
  • Acrylic ruler
  • Repositionable tape
  • Butterfly and floral embroidery designs of your choice


  • Wrap the small floral garland around the grapevine. Wire it together if necessary.
  • Hoop two layers of mesh stabilizer for the butterfly accents; embroider. Un-hoop and
  • carefully burn away the stabilizer from around the finished edges of the embroidery with a stencil burner.
  • Determine the finished size of the frames. Using a pencil and acrylic ruler, mark the
  • finished frame size and opening. Make a template of the design. Trim the design templates; adhere to the paper with repositionable tape.
  • Cut art paper to fit the embroidery hoop. Hoop paper-release adhesive stabilizer (hoop with the liner side up). Score the paper inside the hoop perimeter with a pin, peel back the paper to expose the adhesive. Press the paper
  • in place. Use the template to line up the hoop placement marks. Use the machine’s on screen editing features to position the design over the paper template, if available. Remove the template and embroider.
  • Trim the finished piece following the marked frame line. Cut out the inside of the frame on the marked line.
  • Convert to sewing mode. Attach the clear foot to the machine and select a straight stitch. Stitch around the inside edge of the frame, approximately 1/8" from the cut edge, stopping at the embroidery. Repeat around the outer edge.
  • Add decorative stitch accents to the frame. Repeat for each frame design used.
  • Crop the photos and adhere to the frames.
  • Run the frames through the Xyron machine to apply permanent adhesive to the wrong sides. Remove the clear plastic sheet.
  • For the single hanging frames: Remove one
  • of the frames from the Xyron backing sheet, adhere coordinating paper to the backside. Tack a butterfly to the corner of the frame. Attach “S” clips to the corners of the frame; run ribbon through the clip. Tie in place on the garland.
  • For multiple frame grouping: Remove the Xyron backing sheet from the frames. Position the frames the desired distance apart on a flat surface. Cut a length of ribbon (twice the desired hanging length), fold in half and adhere to the back of the frames, ribbon loop hanging down at the lower end of the grouping. Adhere the coordinating paper to the frame backs. Tack butterflies in place and stitch across the top of the frame to reinforce the ribbon. Tie a strand in place on the garland. Attach a clip to the ribbon lower edge.
  • Attach spiral clips to the back of the garland with wire to hang the completed garland. If the grapevine garland has firm wire filler, hang it directly from the vine (there’s no need to add clips).
  • Screw small cup-hooks to the underside of the mantel and hang or use temporary peel-and-stick hooks. If hanging on a wall, use a picture hanger.

Oklahoma Embroidery Supply & Design, Pack #11783, designs FM628, FM622 (butterflies); Pack #11914, designs FP039, FP038, FP037 (pansies)

Oklahoma Embroidery Supply & Design provided the E-Z Glitzer Applicator Wand.

Tombo Mono Permanent Adhesive from Penwa.

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