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Creative Machine Embroidery gives machine embroidery enthusiasts of every age and skill level inspiration and techniques to further their craft and passion. Each magazine is filled with contemporary projects, must-know tips and how-tos by the top machine embroiderists in the country and free designs.


Ellen March, Editor-in-Chief

My mother and grandmother taught me to sew at the age of 8. I thank my lucky stars that they did, because I never had an option to take a home-ec class in school. Sewing has been an important part of my life ever since. At age 16, I starred in the Franklin Clay Films educational feature Picking Your Pattern, Fabric and Notions. Upon graduating from USC, I started my own business selling clothing made from original patterns. When I was able to try an embroidery machine for the first time, I was hooked! And now I sew, embroider, embellish, create and write every day for Sew News, Sew it All and Creative Machine Embroidery. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Amanda Carestio, Senior Editor

My mom taught me to sew at an early age but it wasn’t until high school when I sewed my first garment from a pattern…from there, I was hooked. My mom was a reading teacher and my dad was a physics teacher: I think editing sewing instructions might be somewhere in between! I’ve been in craft publishing for almost 10 years. From new independent pattern makers to crazy good fabric designers, this community constantly inspires me.  I love making costumes (especially for my toddler), quilting, needle felting and occasionally crocheting something cozy, but my first love is sewing.  I'm beyond excited to join the Sew News and Creative Machine Embroidery team!

Veronica Graham, Managing Editor

veronica veronica veronicaaaaa!

I hail from the great state of Texas, so after getting my bachelor of journalism from The University of Texas at Austin (hook 'em horns!), I became a sports reporter and spent my Friday nights under those famed bright lights covering all things football. I'm the daughter and niece of two prolific sewists, though. Despite wearing countless home sewn dresses (remember the Flintstones dress, Mom?), Halloween costumes and having my room redecorated every other year with new bedding and curtains, I just didn't take to sewing growing up. The second the thread tension got messed up, or if I didn't stitch a line absolutely, perfectly straight, I gave up. Now that I'm grown up (debatable) and more patient (somewhat), I'm giving sewing another go and having a blast.

Eliane Pinto, Technical Editor & Designer

Eliane Pinto is the Technical Editor and Designer at Sew News and Creative Machine Embroidery magazines. She holds a BFA from RISD, has studied at Brown University and Parsons the New School for Design, and is currently pursuing a marketing degree at Harvard. Eliane brings her technical experience to her work and an exotic sensitivity to much of her design.

Jessica Ziebarth, Editing Assistant

Bio coming soon! (Trust me, she's fabulous)


Jill Case, Online Editor

I love sewing, fashion and all things vintage. I come from a long line of home seamstresses including my mom who taught me how to sew on her grandmother's treadle sewing machine.  I started sewing doll clothes for my Skipper who was always fabulously dressed.  I soon moved up to sewing clothes for myself and found that there is nothing more thrilling than making something for me!  I love working for Sew News, Sew It All, Stitch and Creative Machine Embroidery, to be surrounded by people who are so knowledgeable and creative and love creating as much as I do is a high point of my work life.


Sue Dothage, Creative Director

I was raised in the woods by a family of artists, crafters, sewists and do-it-yourselfers. I watched my lovely and talented neighbor sew me pair after pair of knickers and ruffled high-neck blouses (using metallic thread!), which I wore daily. I was always inspired and encouraged to make anything. I studied fine art and graphic design in college, and skipped out on parties for late-night oil painting and sewing sessions. I went on many adventures in strange lands, eventually discovering my passion for magazine design as an art director for travel and fashion publications. I now have the perfect job where I am able to combine my interests into magazines that inspire Sew News, Sew It All, and Creative Machine Embroidery readers. Life is good!

Coming Soon!

Danielle Fay

Bio coming soon, and we're so happy to have Danielle with us!



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missing design
When I try to download the Sew and Stow Sewing Cases designs, I get a note that the link in insecure
cancel my subscription
It is now mid november. The subscription I paid for October still hasn't started. Anything I might have wanted to make for Thanksgiving is too late. I'm not the only one having issues as I can see from the comments below. What a shame was so looking forward to the magazine. Expect a reversal of charges from American Express.
Please find out why I never got my November/ December magazine.
Bat Candy Pouch
Can't find the down load on it. The pattern pieces I can find, not the down load.
I received a free copy of the magazine at the sewing expo. Why are all the articles in a grey font instead of black. Very difficult to read. I won't be subscribing.
i decided to try the free trial subscription to see if I wanted to continue receiving the magazine. I have not received one magazine but continue to receive invoices. I would like to see your magazine before I decide to pay. This seems like the only way to contact this company and I get the feeling I won't be seeing a magazine
I applied online for free trial magazine, never received a magazine only subscription invoice stating last chance to avoid further action. I did pay the amount thinking I would get my magazine and still have no magazine. No way to contact you people!!
Machine embroidery
Amazing magazine, I love to read about machine embroidery and all your content is worth reading.
Per the comments below, perhaps I should not send in subscriptions. Does not appear to be any responses to those below. Also I own a quilt store and wanted to carry your magazine in the store, but not sure now....... Never anyway to connect these companies.
Magazine print is way too light.
I have received my Subscriptions to both magazines and I love the content but the font is so light and thin that I cannot read the instructions and stories. I am sure that I am not the only person who finds this annoying and frustrating. I will have to cancel both if this is not addressed. My eyes hurt from trying in read a really good magazine.
Just subscribed to your magazine, sent a check so I could receive the Free CD of fonts. Imagine my delight in receiving my first magazine, and great disappointment at NOT receiving the FREE CD of fonts. Will I ever receive the promised Free gift or is this just a rip off.
Compilation CD
I love your magazine and will continue to subscribe. However, will you be putting out a compilation CD for 2016? Keeping copies of magazines take up too much space and I love the CDs.
Would you mind sharing the source for the (G , S) fonts on p 44 -45 (vol 102 Jan - Feb 2017) I love them!! Also, when I subscribed , I never rec'd the Gift CD of Fonts you offered. Thank you
Festive tree free design
Has anyone used this design? Shouldn't there be chenille on both sides of each piece? Am I missing something?
Subscription Issues
Hi I really thought that you would have take care of my issue. Again, I called this morning and received terrible customer service. I still did NOT receive the September/October issue and I did NOT receive the current issue. They said I was supposed to receive it 4 weeks ago but I didn't. I really don't understand what it is going on. I have an active subscription until 2019 but I am getting to the point now that it is not worth it anymore. It is ridiculous that I now have to wait 3 weeks to receive the the current issue. Ohio is not that far and I think CME is a big company and could send me the issue now. CME is not offering calls back according to the customer service who told me the manager was not in yet and to call again later. Poor customer service indeed. I am going to call again in few minutes and request for a refund and be done.
download freebies
having a problem downloading snowglobe and Christmas tree free designs. unable to down load as unzipped.
Alphabet fonts
Started my magazine subscription with you; Was promised the alphabet fonts as a gift. I have yet to receive the promised gift.
free gifts and free font w subscription
when, where and how will my subscription gifts be coming????????
having trouble downloading Thumb Drive Holder
I can't get the file to open. I have done this before w/o any trouble. Did you change this process? Help? the last day is tomorrow.
Need to cancel subscription
I no longer have an embroidery machine and need refund on canceled issues. Please respond
Need to cancel subscription
I no longer have an embroidery machine and need refund on canceled issues. Please respond
Lame Embroidery Freebies
two Lame looking ghosts and Lame looking PHOTO PROPS??? really??? neither of them are worth downloading, and the BOO design was nowhere on the creators' website available to download...very disappointing issue for the price of subscription- I won't renew mine.
Garden variety tote pattern
This pattern is not on the website. Purchased the designs from emblibrary. Now I can't make the bag.
No response
I posted on here on the 7th figuring since you are the powers that be, that you would read comments, but apparently not. No response on facebook nor C/S email. HORRIBLE customer care.
I have to say I've been to Sadly, I have to say I've been quite disappointed in the magazine for a while. Fashion items shown look like a 90-year-old woman would wear them. Color choices used on projects are hideous. You should hire some young fashion design students to bring new life into this magazine and embroidery in general. You should show some young trendy fashions with some mature options. Also some beautiful home Decour would be a nice addition as well. Sorry to be so blunt but I won't be renewing my subscription unless some changes are made. Best of luck bringing this magazine up-to-date.
Will not renew my subscription--company lies.
Subscribed June 2015. Was promised digital font CD with subscription. Many calls to c/s and 6 months later and still nothing. They say will send digital via email. Never receive. And yes--check junk box daily.


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